i had a restless night of sleep, too hot and too humid. i felt like i was soaking the bedsheet with sweat. even though i wanted to sleep more, i was glad to finally get out of bed. two things planned today: go out for a morning run then get some groceries in the afternoon.

temperature was already in the 80's by the time i left for my run at 10:10am. i listened to my hardcore history podcast, this episode was about the japanese empire (part 1 of 6). it was hot and humid and i felt like the weather was sapping my strength and endurance. a few times during the run i felt like just giving up - slow to a walk - but i kept running albeit at a slower pace. only masochists run when it's so hot, i dreaded the bright sunlight, yearned for the shade of trees. i got back home after a little over an hour.

after changing out of my sweat-soaked clothes and taking a shower, i had some granola-blueberry with yogurt for lunch. watching the news, i wanted to hear more about the raid on trump - did it really happen? - but all the news outlets still had very little info to go on.

around 2pm i rode down to market basket for groceries. they're having a sale on plant-based meats this week, which intrigued me enough to give it a try. i got two packages of quorn spicy meatless patties.

soon after i got back home, the sky darkened and it started to rain. i was hoping for something of a longer duration, but it lasted no more than an hour, most likely less, the heaviest part lasting just 5-10 minutes or so. as quickly as it started, it disappeared just as quickly, the sun coming out once more. it dropped the temperature down into the 80's (from the 90's, our 6-7th consecutive heatwave day) but did nothing to help the humidity which was still high.

i walked down to star market to pick up additional groceries. there was a sale on mangoes, on hagen-dazs ice cream, and cheetos. i paid via self-checkout, i didn't get scammed like last time, got all my discounts.

tracking the sales activity on squareup, i saw my parents had a busy day at the cafe. customers didn't leave until 7:30pm, nor did my parents let them know they'd already closed an hour ago. but that extended hour paid off in that sales today was nearly double of tuesday of last week. the busiest day just happened also on the same day when my parents were refilling their stocks of vegetable buns and various soup bases, so it probably felt even busier.

when evening came i tried the quorn for dinner. the fact that it was spiced was a giveaway that maybe it didn't taste very good in its natural state. i was going to grill it in the smokeless foreman but the instructions said either to bake or microwave, so i heated it up in the toaster oven. when it was done cooking i tried a little piece to figure out if i needed to add condiments to my quorn burger. the spices seemed cajun, the quorn itself tasted like processed chicken, the kind you find in chicken mcnuggets. i stacked my two burgers and ate. it was neither good or bad. i was surprised to learn quorn is made from mycoprotein from a mold. it did some more research, apparently it'd been marketed in the UK as far back as the 90's, and introduced to the US 20 years ago. i wouldn't mistake it for real meat, but it could pass as processed chicken. i'd eat it again (have no choice anyway, bought two boxes).

the temperature continued to drop. i was running my AC still, but when the outdoor temperature went into the 70's, i turned it off and opened some windows in the house to let in the cold breeze. yes, cold! it felt more like the fall than the nearly weeklong heatwave we experienced. the humid was still high, but the cooler temperature was a relief. now if we can only get some more rain!