i went to bed last night at 5am, and woke up this morning at 10am. i kept checking myself for signs of coronavirus exposure from last night's biking adventure. was i feeling hot was it was warm in the house or do i have a fever? is my nose congestion something natural or something viral? and these aches, consequence from a night of riding or do i have covid? i finally left for belmont by noontime.

it was another hot day but there was the possibility of some rain later in the afternoon-evening. my mother made rice noodles for lunch. it was too hot to go outside, so i stayed indoors, surfing the web on my laptop, enjoying the AC/fan in the living room. my mother sat in the zero gravity chair, watching some korean drama with chinese subtitles.

my mother didn't want to cook and was pushing for some middle eastern kubbideh for dinner. i suggested an alternative: michael's pizza. i haven't eaten there in a long time, i want to say 20 years. they also have online ordering, so we went with that option. i got a steak & cheese sub for my father ($10), a gyro pita for my mother ($10), and a buffalo chicken calzone for myself ($10). there was a discount when ordering online, but it wouldn't allow credit cards, so i opted for the only choice, which was pay at the restaurant. when it came time to pick up (15 minutes), my father drove me there. i vaguely remember a young guy used to work there, but now it was two older greek-italian men. since the kitchen and the dining area all in one space, they didn't have any AC but had a ceiling fan to keep the place from boiling. my order wasn't ready yet so i waited a few minutes. when i went to pay, it was more expensive than the online price, i seemed to have lost the online discount. the guy told me it was actually cheaper now but he must suck at math that's why he's a cook because when we both saw the receipt, it was obviously more expensive. it wasn't a big deal, but know that when you order online and don't pay with credit card, you're going to pay more at the store.

the steak & cheese and gyro pita looked really delicious. the buffalo chicken calzone? the breading was too thick, and i'd forgotten what a challenge it is to eat buffalo chicken sauce - all vinegary and spicy and salty - on top of the blue cheese dipping sauce which made everything saltier. i think the parmesan chicken calzone would've been the better choice. still, it's been a while since i had a calzone, i managed to eat about 3/4 of it, leaving an end piece. my mother also could only eat half her gyro, but my father ate his entire steak & cheese sub.

i knew rain was imminent from the doppler radar and the clouds, while i was casually outside watering the reeds, hoping to catch the rain when it fell to see if we can fill up the rain barrels. but my father came out into the backyard and said i had time to get home before it started raining, so i packed up my things and left. just a few minutes after i got into my house, i heard the thundering, and then it started pouring rain.

unfortunately the rain didn't last that long. the heavy stuff maybe 15 minutes, the remaining storm was just light showers, the whole thing lasting about an hour. i spent the rest of the evening watching episodes of severance, even went to bed watching 2 more episodes before falling asleep.