it was probably the heat, but i woke up at 7am this morning. my usual wake up time is 9am, so i lounged in bed, surfing the web from my phone, trying to get back to sleep, until it was time to officially get up. i wanted to leave early for chinatown/haymarket, while it was still cool outside, but didn't leave until almost 10am, the temperature already in the 80's (today's high would hit the 90's once more).

i arrived at ming's market at 10:15am. i planned on splitting my purchases, some stuff from ming's, some stuff from nearby c-mart. but when i went to c-mart, i noticed the produce prices were cheaper at ming's, so i bought what i needed, then went back to ming's a second time to finish out my list. all that back and forth took 45 minutes.

by 11am i pedaled down to haymarket via downtown crossing and post office square. i was already carrying a lot of stuff from chinatown, so i was limited in what i could buy. i ended up leaving with $12 worth of longans (4lbs), $7 worth of rainier cherries (2+ lbs), and a sleeve of garlic ($2). nobody had baby cucumbers, and the big beans vendor i saw last time didn't have any beans this time. i left haymarket via sudbury street, typically a one-way but now made into a two-way in order to alleviate the road block underneath the parking garage demolition.

i biked directly to the cafe to drop off the supplies, arriving at noon. i noticed michael had called me half an hour earlier so i called him back; he said he was having e-mail mailbox issues, i glanced at the clock, said i could get there in 20-30 minutes. i sampled a few longans before finally leaving.

my legs felt like rubber from the morning biking to boston and back, and i was a sweaty mess. i got to michael's store and looked at his computer issue. turns out his mailbox was full, but when he went to erase e-mails, it didn't fix the problem. i ended up logging into his webhosting account to access his webmail and erased old messages that way (his mailbox has a 500MB capacity). after that he was able to receive e-mails again.

i finally returned home by 1pm. first thing i did was to weigh myself, to see how much water weight i managed to lose from all that sweating. i then took a shower before making some tonkotsu instant cup of noodle for lunch, wasn't in the mood to make anything more complicated than that.

like yesterday, i didn't set foot outside the rest of the afternoon, stayed indoors with the AC turned on intermittently. i did think about taking a trip down to market basket to get some bounty paper towels on sale, but right when i was starting to get the impetus to leave, the sky darkened and a check of the doppler radar revealed severe storms imminent, in about 5-10 minutes. i quickly alerted my parents so they could bring in the patio furnitures.

not only was it a storm, but a thunderstorm at that. we had so few rain this summer, it was actually kind of weird to see it. in fact, i barely had to cover up my motorcycle this season due to the lack of precipitation. it rained for probably half an hour at most before stopping, and the sun even came out (it wasn't the sort of rain that produces rainbow so i didn't bother going out and checking). the news said we got about an inch of rain. a few hours afterwards, the sidewalks were already dried, although there were some leftover puddles. what i wouldn't give for a tropical storm to blow our way! the rain did lower the temperature into the 70's, but humidity was still very high.

i'm all caught up with for all mankind and evil. looking for something new to watched, i began watching severance, two episodes which i had on my thumb drive with a backlog of tv shows and movies. after seeing the first episode, i was intrigued enough to downloaded the rest of season 1 (just 9 episodes total). the story has a very strong philip k. dick vibe, and i believe it's actually loosely based on one of his short stories.

i got hungry in the late afternoon and remembered i had some store-bought potato salad (with horseradish) in the fridge. for dinner i finished the last two slices of quiche.