had a late start this morning, didn't start my run until 10:40am. i stopped briefly to chat with jack, who was back from his own expedition to fresh pond and back. he said bruce i might bump into bruce who was walking around radcliffe, and i did see him on shephard, but he was already a block away and i didn't want to chase him. i also bumped into our moroccan mailman, who asked me what i was doing, and i told him i was running, and he said, "go go go!" the run was eventful, i listened to the hardcore history podcast on the history of nuclear weapons. i made it back home in about an hour, showered, then made a kielbasa egg english muffin sandwich for lunch.

around 3pm i set out to the UPS store on somerville avenue to return the levoit cordless vacuum as well as the waterproof outdoor eufy webcam (that i purchased in may; for some reason it had an extended return window). i strapped the large box onto the back of my back with a single bungie cord and slowly peddled to the store.

coming back, i stopped by the beacon street star market to check on their boneless chicken thighs. they were all out, only had the small packages. so i continued biking to the porter square star market, which had plenty of chicken thighs. i got two packages and went to the cafe to drop them off. i got back home by 4pm.

today's temperature was cooler - only the 80's - and as evening approached the temperature dropped into the 70's and below. i heard in some places it might get as low as the 50's tonight, it's going to be good sleeping weather. this meant i went through the house opening all the windows, the kitchen window fan blowing the air indoor air outside. i think i'm not able to cool down my house because it must be cooking upstairs with no tenants (i haven't measured my ceiling temperature though).

i went outside one last time when i remembered i forgot to get a mega millions ticket for tonight. the jackpot is currently at $830 million. i also got a six-pack of angry orchard hard cider. when evening came around, i had that along with some mala thin noodles. as for the mega millions drawing, i only managed to watch a single number (29). hope nobody wins so this madness can continue for a few more days.