this morning i went to star market to drop off the keds shoes return for my mother. apparently star market is a fedex dropoff site. before i left i got some cherries on sale. when i got back home, i made an italian sub for my mother. i then watered the plants in front of the house before getting on my motorcycle and going to the community garden to water those plants. i've got more red tomatoes, my bitter melons are growing, and i even saw some long beans. because my plot is so lush with vegetation, it doesn't dry up as quickly as some other plots.

i made it to the cafe by 11am. today it was super busy during 11-1pm. after that it tapered off. there was a slew of phone orders as well as online orders. people also came in to order in person but those were fewer, as were the number of people sitting outside. i think the heatwave weather has put a damper on business today, but even though, it was still really busy, which makes me wonder how much more we would've made had the weather been nicer?

my parents brought the levoit cordless vacuum but i called my parents earlier this morning asking them not to use it. reason? because i found a dyson-refurbished cordless V8 vacuum on sale on ebay for $200. brand new, these normally cost $400. it's the same one that my sister has. i don't doubt that the levoit vacuum is lot more powerful, and if i was getting a new vacuum for myself, i'd totally get that one, but the thing is, my mother wanted a smaller lighter cordless vacuum, and the levoit is not that. in fact, it's just as heavy as our corded shark vacuum, minus the cord. so in the end we decided to return the levoit and get the dyson V8 instead. i checked the levoit vacuum, there doesn't seem to be any scratches on it, so we should be able to return it just fine.

that oscillating fan that i found yesterday, my father did manage to fix it. they were using it in conjunction with a bionaire floor fan to pump cold air from the front of the cafe into the hot kitchen in the back.

i left the cafe at 3pm to my parents' house. my mother had ordered some cosmetics and medicine online, and she didn't want them to melt in the heat. while i was there i also watered the garden. i didn't get back to the cafe until an hour later. during the time i was gone, the cafe had zero customers, that's how crazy the shift between busy time and not-so-busy time.

i stayed until 5:45pm, washing the dishes and fulfilling a few orders that came in. today there was a lot of pad thai and fried rice orders for some strange reason. i also set up the eufy 2k pan+tilt webcam, but they really didn't need another webcam at the cafe, so i took it home. i noticed the webcam didn't record on the microSD card, made me suspicious that maybe its defective somehow, i'll have to look into that.

when i came home jeff had dropped off their house key and visitor's parking permit into my mail slot. they're going back to california tomorrow for a few weeks, and i'm in charge of giving their housekeepers the key and the permit next week. as a thank you, he left me some hard cider on the backyard deck.

it was 84 degrees inside my house but 94 degrees outside. i turned the AC as soon as i got home. for dinner i made myself an italian sub.