i woke up at 7am and couldn't get back to sleep. so i surfed reddit from bed until finally getting up at 9am. i wanted to go out for my run early to beat the heat, but it was already close to 80 degrees. i did still manage to leave slightly early, around 9:45am. i wore my new TSLA running shorts (4" long), they were very nice. slightly shorter than my shortest shorts, so some pale thighs were peeking out. the best thing about the TSLA brand is there is no branding, i try to avoid branded clothing whenever possible. i was out and back in about an hour, returning home by 10:50am. because it rained last night, i didn't bother checking on my garden plot. i listened to the final installation of dan carlin's "kings of kings" hardcore history episode.

after a shower, i made a kielbasa egg english muffin sandwich for lunch. temperature was already climbing close to the 90's so i turned on my AC combined with the vornado fan to circulate the cool air around the living room.

around 1pm i went to whole foods to drop off a few amazon returns, then stopped by market basket to get some groceries. there was a sale on deli meats this week, so i decided to make italian subs for dinner the rest of the week. returning home, i saw a tossed out standing oscillating fan on the sidewalk and after dropping off the groceries, i returned to the area to claim the fan. back at the house i made an italian sub for my mother before heading to the cafe to drop off the sandwich and the fan.

my father loves fixing fans. he claims that most fans can be repaired simply by adding a few drops of machine oil. this fan that i found, when we plugged it in, the fan didn't move, but the blades were wiggly, like they stuck. my father then went ahead and took apart the fan before oiling the mechanisms. i left before he finished.

my original plan was to go to belmont to apply some foliar fertilizer to our garden plants. but because it was so hot today (and hot for the rest of the week), i didn't want to spray the leaves for fear of sunscalding them; either i spray very early, very late, or wait until a cloudy cooler day. i also wanted to go to home depot and/or mahoney's to get some flowers for the patio deck, but with the weather this hot, any plants that i transplant would very likely wither and die, so i wasn't in any hurry to get new plants. instead i simply returned home.

i spent the rest of the afternoon with the AC on, retroactively updating blog postings.

when dinner came, i made another italian sub, washed it down with some lemonade, a bowl of cherries for dessert. i ate while watching the all-stars game. later i did a photo backup from my computer, transferred over about 100GB of photos onto two separate hard drives.