i had a good sleep last night, cool breeze, open window, and nobody had their AC on so it was dead silent for a change, which is what i like. nevertheless, once the sun came out, i kept waking up, as if my body didn't want to go back to sleep, even though i still hadn't gotten my 7 hours. i had to force myself to sleep more, which is not a bad problem to have. i finally got out of bed by 9am. being that today was a thursday, it was one of my two weekly run days.

i thought i'd get to leave early, but i discovered my led aquarium light was broken. the beamswork EA timer 6500K LED aquarium light freshwater plant 18", i bought it more than 6 years ago of off ebay for $23. it was my very first led aquarium light. it had two settings - daylight and nightlight - but automatically switching between the two only worked using beamswork own proprietary timer attachment, so i never used the nightlight.

the problem with the light was it was flashing. i noticed it yesterday, thought it was just a loose cable, and thought i fixed it when i jiggled the wires and the flashing went away. but this morning it was back, and i found out if i jiggle the wires it fixes it temporarily, before it starts flashing again. so i ended up buying a new light from amazon - the aquaneat led aquarium light for 18-24" tanks ($16). it's due to arrive tomorrow. there were some other options, but the aquaneat had the simplest control - just a manual on/off switch. that means i can use it with my preexisting manual timer. in the meantime i'm using a small clamp led aquarium light my father got me a few years back. it can't clamp to the rim of my 10 gallon fish tank, so i have it attached to a nearby baker's rack.

who knows what the flashing did to my poor tetra fish. i noticed it didn't come to the surface this morning when i went to feed it, maybe because it was confused by the strobing light. i'm worried about that fish, especially during the summer months, when my normal room temperature hovers around 80 degrees, which might be too warm for tetras.

because of that i didn't leave for my run until 10:15am. my father also stopped by right before i was about to leave, to drop off the two pyrex lasagna dishes. the run took me an hour, listening to hardcore history while i ran. it was hot but a dry heat, not humid, so it didn't feel that bad.

after a shower when i got back, i made a sandwich using the last of my peppered ham. i don't know if it went bad or not, but there was an acrid smell. i don't have the best nose for food safety, but i had no side effects afterwards, so i guess it was same to eat after all.

big news today was the resignation of boris johnson. i'm still confused by how the UK parliamentary system works. little good his resignation will do for britain however, since the brexit damage had already been done. at least bad leaders know when its time to go in england. here in the US, we're still dealing with the cancer known as trump, as he continues to wreck havoc with the US government by holding the republican party hostage and making members swear fealty and go along with his lies, one of them being that he never lost the 2020 election.

later in the afternoon i dropped off the used nespresso pods at the UPS store, before biking to market basket to get some groceries. i really didn't need anything, got some milk and a container of rice crackers. i returned home before 3pm and didn't leave the house after that.

the spent the rest of the day processing old photos for the blog. i currently have nearly 700 photos ready to be placed in past blog posts, but i still have another month or two worth of content to process, so by the end i may have 1400-2000 photos. the backlog goes all the way back to march. this is work that the more i delay, the more i end up having to process, so the sooner i finish the better.

for dinner i cooked up some thin korean noodles mixed with some spicy mala oil for a quick meal. later i had an asian pear.