i left the house via motorcycle around 10:30am, my backpack full of cafe supplies. my parents needed baby cucumbers, whole wheat bread, cilantro, and linguine noodles. in the sky were dramatic clouds, to the west and south nothing but clear blue sky, but to the east and north, a swirl of low and high clouds quickly blowing away to the ocean.

there was an instant pot mini lux when i got to the cafe. at first i thought it was the one from the basement, but turns out one of my parents' neighbors through it out (looks like they're moving, cleaning their house, rented a dumpster). practically brand new, the mini lux looks like one of the earliest versions of the instant pots, missing some of the setting in later versions (like my 6-quart instant pot duo plus), like cake, yogurt, sterilize, or sous vide. the mini lux is also incredibly small at 3-quarts, like a baby instant pot, enough to make something for only 1-2 people. not sure what we'd use the mini lux for, since my parents already have a much larger 8-quart instant pot that they rarely use.

for lunch i ate what i could forage: some leftover fried rice that i mixed with some sambal oelek hot sauce, a few pieces of a frozen pizza my father cooked in the sur la table air fryer.

around 2pm i was sent on a supply run to the porter square star market, to pick up a bunch of meats (chicken leg quarters, pork loins, petite beef sirloin steaks) and some gatorade. i drove the car as there was simply too much to bring back via bike. i also grabbed some fried chicken that were on sale. i spent over $100 (all charged onto the cafe debit card) before coming back.

when i came back to the cafe i realized a few things i thought were on sale actually weren't. i swear, star market purposely makes getting a discount as difficult as possible. for example, those fried chickens i thought were on sale? for some reason i didn't get the sale price. and those pork loins? i was supposed to pay around $12, but i ended up spending more than $30 because the variety i selected wasn't on sale. the chicken wasn't worth returning, but i'd return the pork loins.

i finally went home by 4:30pm. first thing i did was go across the street to star market to return the pork loins. nobody was at the customer service desk, but a cashier saw me and flagged down a manager to help process my return. when she heard i bought it from the porter square store, she said i could only return it there. the reason: because meat product returns count as a loss (they can't resell it again), only the original store was legally obligated to absorb the return cost.

so i returned home, hopped on my bicycle, then rode to the porter square store. i forgot to bring my keys so i couldn't lock my bike, so i pretended to lock it, draping my lock over the bike frame. the girl at the customer service desk was the girl i saw earlier when originally bought the pork loins, but she didn't seem to recognize me. she processed the returns without any problems.

back at home, i got hungry enough to eat a fried chicken thigh and breast. it was good going down, but afterwards i felt kind of gross, which is usually what happens after finishing some greasy fried chicken.

i continued watching evil, i just have today and tomorrow to finish the first season before it disappears off of amazon prime. i managed to get up to episode 7, hopefully i can binge a few more later tonight and then finish the rest by tomorrow.

i didn't think i'd be hungry, but around 9:30pm i had another piece of fried chicken.