i went running today, leaving a bit after 10am, coming back about an hour around 11am. i ran around the river, stopping to walk only across the two bridges, as well as taking a drink of water from the public fountain (they seemed to have fixed the loq pressure issue). i was having an issue synching my fitness tracker to my phone, so it kept disconnecting intermittently, losing gps signal, and drew a weirdly inaccurate route map when i finally finished running. i noticed the eruv lines running along the memorial drive side of the charles river.

i came home and immediately did a load of laundry, as i was out of running shorts (i only have 3 pairs). i took a shower while that was going on. when my clothes were done washing, i hung them out to dry since it was a sunny and warm day (underwears and socks i dried them indoors).

i opened as many windows as possible, since it was too warm and stuffy in the house (78 indoors, 70 outdoors). better to let in all that cool air while i still can, before the hot and humid weather arrives by the end of the week. that reminds me: i still need to install my AC at some point. also i'm beginning to notice a sewer pipe smell in my bathroom. i never noticed during before, but all that the weather is getting warmer, all that raw sewage is starting to cook and i'm getting tiny whiffs of it through the exposed plumbing in my bathroom. a good reason to finally wall up the pipes after nearly a whole year.

i made lunch - an english muffin sandwich with egg, kielbasa, and some everything bagel seasoning. my egg for some reason had a frozen piece of ice on the inside, must be a really cold spot inside of my fridge. i ate while watching episodes of evil, a new show i'm getting into. i've known about for a while, but never got around to watching any episodes. the first season is available on amazon prime until the end of the month, so i watched an episode last night and liked it, so now i'm trying to watching all 13 episodes of the first season before downloading season 2. season 3 is currently airing on paramount+ (it was originally a CBS show).

i watched the latest installment of the january 6 hearing happening in the afternoon. trump white house aide cassidy hutchinson was giving sworn testimony over what she witness in the days before and leading to the january insurrection. it was pretty riveting, to have someone so close to the inner circle willing to speak on the record. there was a lot of new info, never before revealed. like trump wanting to march to the capitol with the mob but the secret service wouldn't let him, so he lurched at the steering wheel and tried to choke a secret service agent. or that trump had a tendency to throw food and smash plates and pull the tablecloth whenever he had a temper tantrum. trump also wanted them to get rid of the metal detectors during his january 6th rally, because there wasn't enough people in the crowd, and he wanted the sidelined protestors with guns (some with AR-15 assault rifles) regardless of the dangers that may pose.

after the hearing was over, i biked to market basket to get some groceries. i didn't bother with a mask, most of the people there weren't wearing masks either, masks are definitely in the minority now. there's a sale on peppered ham so i decided got a pound's worth and make sandwiches the rest of the week. i also picked up a few things for the cafe (which i'll deliver tomorrow morning).

when i got back home, i repotted my thanksgiving cactus. about 90% of it has dried up, i salvaged what i could and made a new batch of cactus soil: 3:2 combination of potting soil (which doesn't contain actual soil but a combination of peat moss, compost, and coconut coir) mixed with perlite. the original soil was actually pretty fluffy, just compacted from abuse. i also repotted by two pileas and some aloes, which haven't really grown much indoors, i might try putting them outdoors for better growth.

i moved all my potted houseplants off of the deck (onto the backyard table) and then cleaned the deck, in preparation for oiling on thursday. with my upstairs neighbors away at the cape indefinitely, this week is the best time to treat the deck with austrialian timber oil. i basically swept it of dust and debris, then scrubbed some remnant algae (that i didn't remove with the pressure washer) with a oxi-clean solution, followed by one final rinse from the garden hose.

around 8pm i brought in my clothes that'd been hanging from my backyard deck. they were all dry, but hung-dry clothes have a stiff starchy feel that soft dryer dried clothes don't have.

i wasn't hungry until 9:30pm, made a simple peppered ham sandwich with whole wheat bread, along with a slice of american cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and some kewpie mayo. i ate dinner while continuing watching evil.