i woke up this morning and got ready for my run. i timed it so after i was finished, i could go to harvard square and collect my new progressive lense glasses from michael's shop which didn't open until 11am.

i left my house by 10:15am. walking down to the charles river, i was listening to a food safety podcast (honestly, i think there's a podcast for anything you can think of). once i arrived at the "starting line," i switched to an 80's alternative music playlist on spotify and started running. i ran to the JFK st bridge before stopping to a walk, then once over the bridge i started running again. overall, today i ran more than i walked, and with each runner i'm getting better in terms of my endurance. i also figured out a good speed where i don't get winded and can run a bit longer. plus the weather was cooler this morning - in the 60's - which made for a more comfortable run.

i finished my river loop a little bit before 11am. i then walked to harvard square, to michael's store. he was dressed in a traditional ukrainian shirt, the reasoning being it was international day at his children's school and he was going there later to bring varenyky - ukrainian dumplings. he said the shirt was made of wool and was uncomfortably hot underneath. i apologized for being so sweaty after my run, michael said it was okay, that back in the fall he started running himself, but gave it up in the fall as well, though he'd like to get back to running again. michael showed me the new glasses - which looked similar to the frames i currently wear, just not as wide. i put them on, i couldn't see where the progression was (which is the point, it's supposed to be gradual) but when i looked around i noticed if i looked down things got blurry. down is for close focus, while forward or up is for distance focus. i thought the transition would be very dramatic, but it was actually very subtle and i got used to it right away. with these new glasses i can focus at something a few inches closer compared to my old glasses. wearing my new glasses, i walked back home.

since i was passing by the community garden, i decided to stop and water my plants. once again ann was there. at first it looked like she didn't want to talk, but we ended up chatting for a good half hour while i was watering my garden.

i finally got home by 12:30pm. i threw a chicken bake into the oven while i took a hot shower.

later in the afternoon i rode my bike to market basket to get some more onion rolls and pickle slices, as i was running out and still had plenty of pulled pork left.

having worn these progressive glasses for a few hours, i found i'm not entirely used to them yet. distance focus is straight ahead, looking to the sides the vision gets much blurrier much faster compared to my old glasses. also i can't look down otherwise everything is blurry: down is for close focus, like reading a book or looking at my phone. so i basically have to learn how to use these progressives. just my moving my head a certain way, up or down or side to side, can cause my vision to go blurry. with regular glasses i never had this problem. that's the advantage of regular glasses. the disadvantage with regular glasses is i can't close focus, and either having to take them off or look over the top of the glasses to focus on something up-close. each type of glasses have their pros and cons. another thing i noticed with these progressives is because they're not transition lenses, when i went biking with them my eyes weren't used to the glare, and that transition lenses were protecting my eyes without me ever realizing it.

i watched the latest episodes of ms.marvel (episode 2) and for all mankind (episode 2). i downloaded the last episode of the offer but haven't seen it yet.

i took another shower before dinner at 8pm, some more leftover pulled pork sandwiches. the whole day was ramping up to game 6 between the warriors and celtics. i was kind of nervous, and almost couldn't watch the game. celtics pulled ahead early on, but that lead quickly disappeared when the warriors came roaring back, and the celtics could never quite catch up after that, leading by a few points later in the point, but the warriors would instantly turn on their offense and take the lead back to double digits. it didn't help that the celtics continued to turn the ball over, it was painful to watch, and playing sloppily like that against a team with championship pedigree was a recipe for disaster. when the game ended and the warriors won, i turned off the tv, couldn't stomach watching the trophy ceremony.

the only thing i can do now is dream of next season. will the core of the team still stay the same? jaylen brown and jayson tatum aren't going anywhere. neither is marcus smart of robert williams. but what about al horford? or grant williams? or derrick white? or payton pritchard? daniel theis? how can we look to improve for next season?