on wednesdays i help out my parents at the cafe. it had rained overnight but the sky was clearing up by morning and the sun came out, heating up the temperature to 80 degrees. we made more today than yesterday, but with fewer transactions, which meant some big orders. we even got 3 online orders, on top of a few phone orders. noontime is the busiest time, with a smaller spike around 5pm for drink orders. i ate some leftovers, a few bites of leftover pad thai, some salt & pepper chicken ends, a little piece of burnt charsiu pork, and a dented can of ginger ale. i was there from 11am until 3:30pm.

and yes, my legs hurt. when i got out of bed this morning, i basically had to frankenstein walk around the house, my leg muscles so sore i couldn't bend them. i took two ibuprofen which seemed to help a little bit, but the legs still hurt. mostly the front upper thigh muscles. but the pain means it's working!

afterwards i biked to michael's, where it was the last day to use my $5 voucher. i got two different colors of green yearn for my mother's crochet flower projects (green for the leaves and stems).

coming back home, i stopped by the cambridge trust bank to ask about closing my taiwanese aunt's savings account (the bank is cool, they actually have a working fireplace). my parents asking the bank months ago what documents they needed, the bank told them they just required a notarized letter, so when my mother and 2nd aunt went to taiwan, they took a letter i'd drafted and got it notarized. now the banks are saying something different, that they need an e-mail, or a phone, or maybe even a facetime chat (my taiwanese aunt doesn't speak any english), it's all very confusing. my taiwanese aunt put herself in a bind by not co-signing the account with another person, so the only person who can make any changes to the account is her and her alone. the bank employees were very helpful (i didn't even realized they'd closed) but in the end they couldn't do anything.

finally i went to the community garden for an entirely unnecessary inspection, since it rained last night and it's going to rain most of tomorrow. i was there just to make sure everything was okay, which it was. i didn't bother watering, but i did remove a female squash flower that had blossomed. this is unusual because normally male flowers are the ones that bloom first.

i returned home by 4:30pm. i tried the lemonade i made last night, served over ice. it was good, but more sweet than tart. i wonder how lemonade was invented in the first place, what made someone think that this very tart fruit could be made into a delicious drink. i guess the key is anything can be made palatable if enough sugar is added. by that logic, why don't we have rhubarb juice, or quince juice? maybe there is but i just don't know about it.

the rest of the day was spent waiting until the start of game 3 of the NBA finals at 9pm. i know they do this so the game can be telecasted on the west coast at 6pm, but having the game so late on the east coast doesn't give us an advantage at all. anyway, i took a short nap around 6:30pm, waking up at 8pm to take a shower and make dinner.

for dinner i made a chicken caesar salad. i grilled 3 thawed pieces of boneless chicken thighs on the smokeless foreman grill (i seasoned the chicken with olive oil, salt, and crushed pepper first). while that was happening, i chopped up half a romaine lettuce and some radishes, mixing in some shredded parmesan cheese and croutons. when the chicken finished cooking, i chopped up 1-1/2 pieces of chicken and added them to the salad before drizzling some caesar salad dressing. i then spent 10 minutes cleaning the foreman grill, since once the oil dries it's harder to clean. only then was i finally able to eat around 9:30pm, with the game already in progress.

celtics had the lead for most of the game, except for the first few seconds when the warriors lead by 2-0, and then in third, when the warriors mounted a comeback based on law defying three-point shots. they were only up in the third briefly (but still pretty incredible, since at one point the celtics lead by 18 points), before boston got it right back and never gave it up. celtics clamped down in the 4th quarter, holding golden state to just 11 points while going up 23 points themselves. the final score was 116-100. in NBA finals history, the team that wins game 3 ends up winning 82% of the time. i was watching all the post-game analysis, and all the pundits were extolling boston while saying golden state was in big trouble. i didn't watch any sports news after game 2 (when the celtics lost), i imagine they probably said the opposite after blowing out boston. you have to take sports analysis with a grain of salt, just like talking heads on political shows (which i don't watch anymore once biden became president). game 4 is on friday. hopefully the celtics don't squander this opportunity like they did in game 2 and protect home court advantage. i don't know if i can handle a 7-game series.

after the game i had explosive diarrhea. there are many culprits: was the chicken bad? maybe the creamy caesar dressing? or dirty romaine lettuce? whatever it was, once it cleared my system, i was fine. i have a very strong digestive system! i eat rotten foods all the time to build up my gut stamina.