i rode the motorcycle to the cafe at 11am to help out. a bit before noontime my parents showed up; they went to an acupuncture appointment in framingham this morning, stopped by the waltham costco to get some supplies, before dropping them off at the cafe. they were also here to make the special broth for the beef noodle soup. they left by 2pm after filling 28 containers of beef noodle soup broth.

it was busy at times, but nothing crazy, 20 transactions total. a lot of bento boxes. we've been noticing we're getting a lot more asian customers than usual, my theory is maybe the cafe got a mention or a review on some local asian social media circle. something weird happened today: a girl was sitting out on my parking lot patio deck, but my sister didn't remember seeing her inside the cafe. when she asked, the girl told her she bought her food at a competing food establishment a few blocks away, but came to our patio to eat. later my 2nd aunt went out and asked the girl if she ordered anything. it's not like we don't want people sitting on our deck, but they have to be customers; you can't just randomly sit there, even worse if you bought food from elsewhere. as long as you buy something, you can sit there all day.

i left by 4:30pm, went to my parents' place. my father was telling me that either squirrels or rabbits dug up our squash seeds. i thought he meant those in the western bed, but actually all the newly planted squash from RB2 were dug up. my guess is squirrel, because rabbits would simply eat them. rabbits did however eat a whole bunch of our emerging long bean seedlings in the southern bed, despite chicken wire protection. because the ends were opened, it simply went through the "tunnel" to access the seedlings, or sometimes just ate through the chicken wires. the only problem is we don't have any more long bean seeds left, my father used them all. we still have plenty of seedlings in the raised beds, but the southern bed might be a bust. what an amazing backyard garden we could have if we didn't have critters and diseases killing our plants!

my godmother showed up around 5pm, delivering some saobing she'd made. she also got a chance to see all our backyard flowers, in various shades of white and pink: peonies, columbines, foxgloves, anemones, sugar snap peas, jasmines, osmanthus.

after my godmother left, i filled up the sprayer with half a gallon of fungicide mix and sprayed the grapes again, the scheduled biweekly treatment of immunox (1.2 tbsp myclobutanil) and captan (0.75 tsbp or 2.25 tsp of powder). this is the third treatment, for a combined total of 5 treatments. it's hard to see the difference, but i sprayed for the first time last year (with immunox) and we got some grapes, so it's definitely doing something. this season - with a combined two fungicides - plus a drastic pruning of all non-essential grape vines - will hopefully mean we get even more grapes.

my father grilled the drumsticks i'd bought yesterday. i brushed on the sauce, 4 with garlic parmesan, 5 with a new jamaican jerk sauce i bought a few days ago. the jerk sauce has a sweet and sour taste, it's good, but has a flavor i can't quite identify.

i left by 7:30pm. i could see there was going to be an interesting sunset, i should've turned right around and grabbed the drone so i could get some aerial shots. when i got back home, i went to the star market parking lot - the only place nearby where i could get a good view of the western sky - and watched as the sun set, creating dramatic colors in the clouds that looked like the sky was on fire.

nothing good on television tonight, so i indulged in some more celtics analysis videos on youtube. it's been quiet at the house, i don't think my upstairs neighbors are home, and in fact i haven't seen them for a few days.