my sister said her blood pressure was really high yesterday and decided to go see the doctor this morning. she asked me to fill in for her at the cafe while she was gone. before i left though, i noticed some commotion on beacon street. from the police scanner i knew it was a car accident. i got dressed and went out to take a look. two guys were standing on the sidewalk and i asked him if they saw what happened. turns out they were actually involved in the accident, a collision when they were turning onto beacon apparently. i saw the car, it didn't look that bad, but serious enough that it had to be towed away.

even though there was a slight drizzle, i still biked to the cafe by 11am. it wasn't busy when i arrived, but as we approached the noontime lunch hour, the orders kept coming. there was a crowd of people either dining in or waiting for their orders, not to mention a few phone orders, and a single online order. fortunately my sister came back right around noontime (doctor said nothing was wrong, just avoid salty foods) and was able to help out. i could've gone home at that point, but stayed to help out. my aunt showed up briefly during the tail end of the busy period.

my sister also discovered today that the taiwanese beef noodle soup item doesn't have any meal taxes included. not sure how long that's been happening, but when i checked the item in the square inventory, sure enough taxes was set to off. we just never noticed because normally people will order something else along with the noodle soup, but today we had just a single item order and was able to spot the mistake. it probably cost us 50¢ in lost profit per noodle soup order.

i didn't leave until after 2pm, had some other things i needed to do. i stopped by the community garden to check up on my plants. ginny was there, she has the garden with the large boulders. i dusted some of my vegetables with diatomaceous earth. my squash plants are already forming flower buds, i maybe need to remove them to force them to make more side shoots.

from the garden i went directly to the UPS store. those floral wires i returned 8 days ago seemed to be MIA, because amazon hasn't received them yet. luckily i kept the receipt and went to the UPS store to ask if they'd seen it. the woman there told me it was just a reference number, and that i should ask amazon instead where my return package is.

next was market basket. i went there to get some chicken legs and drumsticks. i also got some disposable razors and a new can of barbasol shaving cream. normally i use an electric razor to shave every 1-3 weeks, but occasionally i need the service of an actual razor blade for a cleaner shave.

i returned home to drop off the items before packing up my grocery bags and heading into boston to visit haymarket. it was about 3:15pm by the time i left. the morning overcast had cleared and the sky was turning blue. temperature was in the 60's and sunny, but i kept my shirt on, even though it felt warm enough to just go in a t-shirt. i got there by 3:40pm.

my haymarket haul: 2 boxes of strawberries ($2), a box of blueberries ($1), 2 radicchio ($1), bag of black plums ($3), 5 ears of corn ($2), 5lbs. of baby cucumbers (about 50 pieces, $5), 5 limes ($1), a bag of mini limes ($1), 2 green asparagus ($2), and a sleeve of garlic ($1). i started heading back home by 4pm.

i stopped at the house briefly to collect the chicken i bought earlier, and continued to the cafe to drop off the supplies. i ended up staying there and helping out for another hour when it got a little busy. my father deboned the chicken legs (for chicken curry) and used the leftover bones to make chicken stock. i left by 5:40pm.

my new nike running sneakers arrived today. i tried them on, a perfect fit, i was afraid they might be too large. hopefully next week i can ease my way back into running again. it's been so long, all the technology's changed too. back when i running, i was still using a flip phone, and i listened to music using wired earbuds from a dedicated mp3 player. nowadays, we have wireless earbuds, a phone can play music, and a fitness tracker can track my whereabouts and speed and heart rate. i'm actually looking forward to it.

i felt asleep on the couch in the early evening, the warm laptop balanced on my chest as youtube videos of celtics' victory last night played non-stop. i woke up around 7:30pm, watched some television, but didn't have dinner until 9pm, some korean ramen. i did have a frozen pizza in the freezer but i was in the mood for something light.