i was in the basement this morning, rummaging through my junk to find some staplers for the cafe. these were courtesy of alex: when his old company laid everyone off, he (along with all his coworkers) stocked up on office supplies before he left. i basically have enough binder clips and paper clips and staples and pens to last me the rest of my life. i also honestly need to clean the basement one of these days, so much stuff that needs to be thrown out.

i made another market basket trip in the late morning. i had a list of things i wanted to get - norwegian salmon burgers, truffle burrata cheese - but this tiny somerville market basket didn't carry of those things. i left with some lime juice, shredded parmesan cheese, belgian waffle mix, and a container of rice crackers.

i returned home and threw a frozen chicken cordon bleu in the oven for lunch.

i spent a chunk of the day retroactively updating photos on old blog posts. i was also studying up on servsafe manager certification exam. they expire every 5 years and you need to retake the exam to get recertified. my father took it last time, but entrusted me to do it this time around, because i test well. i downloaded a study app for my phone and finished half the questions and answers already. the test can be administered online now the test is administered in either the boston or woburn food safety office for $100. after i finish studying the questions, i'll sign up for the online exam.

the weather today was grey and a bit cool, but it didn't rain. i thought it was going to be sunny and warm. we got another day of this tomorrow (with some rain) but sunny and warm (70's) for the weekend into most of next week. i was going to stop by the cafe to deliver the staplers and staples, but when i called, my father said my sister found 3 boxes of staples.

i backed up some photos that were on my macbook pro, 160GB worth of data. i back up onto two different drives, in case one of them should fail.

i was a little nervous today, as game 1 of the NBA finals was tonight. most of the sports pundits i've been listening to for the past few days have said golden state would win the finals. when evening came, i made another bowl of tortellini for dinner and started watching the game. there was an onslaught of 3-pointers from the warriors, and steph curry seemed to be making baskets at will. despite it all, i thought the celtics would be down by 20+ points, but boston managed to keep it close, keeping pace with the warriors' offensive production, while at the same time putting the squeeze through offense. celtics actually ended the first half with the lead, 56-54, held curry to zero points in the 2nd quarter.

in the second half the warriors came out hot again, outscoring the celtics 38-24. golden state had a 15 point lead at one point i think. but with 10 minutes left the game in the 4th quarter, something happened. suddenly the warriors went through a scoring drought while at the same time it was the celtics turn to catch fire. boston score 40-16 in the 4th quarter, and lead as much as 15 points with just a few minutes to go. boston seemed to have learned their lesson from the miami series, use up the clock when they have a big lead, play to win and not play to not lose. i couldn't believe it. sure, i was secretly hoping the celtics would win, but didn't think it'd happen, and in such a commanding fashion. game 2 is sunday night, if boston can win that one, is the series basically over?