i went down to the community garden this morning at 10:30am to do some watering. i also picked out a cherry plum tomato to plant in the last remaining grow bags. i was hoping there wouldn't be a lot of people so i could do some drone photography of the gardens. i was going to wait them out, but that ended up only encouraging them to come and chat with me. it wasn't until 11:45am that they finally left. the only person left in the gardens was wayne, who came to work on his weed-filled plot before the planting deadline on monday. gail told me that in all the other cambridge community gardens people are only allowed to have a garden for 3 years because of the long wait list; ours is the only one with longstanding plots.

anyway, i did a quick drone flight, just a few minutes, just to take a few snapshots. i was actually surprised by how many bare plots there were.

i got back by noontime. i was going to throw a chicken bake in the oven, but it'd take 40 minutes to finish cooking, so instead i had a tonkotsu instant ramen.

around 1:30pm i head out to boston, after pumping the tires and securing another wire tie to try and secure my rear bike baskets. it was a warm and humid day - not unpleasant (definitely better than riding in freezing cold temperature) - but left my panting from overheating.

i was only going to haymarket today, didn't need anything from chinatown. it took me just 20 minutes to bike into the city. my haul: papaya ($2), 5 corns ($2), 2lbs. of cherry ($4), 8 gold nugget oranges ($4), 25 of baby cucumbers ($5), 2 containers of colored cherry tomato mix ($3), 4 rhubarb stalks ($1), 2 bottles of fresh milk ($1), 2 purple asparagus ($2), 3 bunches of scallions ($1), 4 plantains ($1), 7 lemons ($1). it'd been a while since i spent so much at haymarket, for a second i thought maybe some cash fell out of my pocket. not having to go to chinatown left me more space for haymarket produce. when i was buying the oranges, there was a rude asian woman trying to ask the price for some melons. the vendors - normally impatient - were very terse with her, and she ran off screaming "racist! racist!"

i left haymarket by 2:30pm. it took me 30 minutes to ride to the cafe to drop off the supplies. surprisingly, my legs weren't at all tired (even going uphill), i think i've finally built up my biking stamina. does MIT have their graduation today? because i saw some graduation-outfitted folks hanging around kendall square.

i finally came home around 3:45pm. i did briefly think about revisiting the garden, but i was there for 1-1/2 hours this morning, so i had more than enough. besides, supposedly it's going to rain overnight, so i don't need to worry about watering.

i took a shower and waited for evening to arrive, where game 6 between the heat and celtics was happening at 8:30pm. in the late afternoon i had some smoked gouda with pepperoni as a snack, and then in the evening i made some luxurious korean ramen for dinner, with tofu and pickled radishes.

i've been listening to various sports pundits for the past 2 days, all of them said the celtics would beat the heat tonight. which made me very nervous, because the celtics continue to defy expectations, sometimes good, sometimes bad. besides the first series against the nets (where the celtics swept durant-irving but some of the games could've gone either way), the celtics always seem to do something the hard way when they could've done it the easy way. the bucks series went to 7 games, but that was against the defending champions. the heat were full of injuries and after game 5, seemed too one-dimensional. but tonight miami played like everyone thought they would at the start of the series, they still had something left in the tank. butler was a monster with 46 points, he couldn't miss. boston had their chances, and were even up a few times, but in the final minutes some costly mistakes made victory unreachable. now we're headed to a game 7 in miami on sunday. i don't know what's going to happen. hopefully it'll be like the bucks game 7, where the celtics pull so far ahead early on, the other team doesn't have a chance, and i won't have to white-knuckle it the rest of the night.