my father came to pick up me this morning, also with some bitter melon seedlings and porcelain pots. i also went across the street to star market beforehand and picked up some more boneless chicken thighs. we then went to the cafe where i worked for most of the day, on my mother's request. my 2nd aunt also showed up, but she seemed to be there more to pass the time than to actually worked, while i worked non-stop, from making tea eggs (boiled a dozen eggs then later boiled another 9 eggs) to washing the dishes, there was never a moment where i didn't have something to do, and i ended up not eating anything or having anything to drink. alex showed up briefly but left when it got busy. my father returned to belmont around 12pm.

at least the air conditioning at the cafe was turned on (74 degrees), on a day that reached the 80's but supposedly felt like 90's because of the humidity. whenever somebody opened the back door, the glass on the sliding refrigerator would fog up. something happened today: we had zero phone orders but 5 online orders. not only that, but they kept coming in a short period of time, at one point we had 3 open orders happening at the same time, while new customers were coming into the cafe. i help my 2nd aunt book a 2nd booster vaccination appointment for my 2nd uncle tomorrow after at the davis square CVS. my father came to pick me up a bit before 4pm, right before the cafe was about to close. i took the pilea so i can divide it, it has at least 6 babies.

the whole reason why i didn't bike today was so i could finally take my motorcycle out of the garage. i put in the battery that'd be recharging indoors all winter long, then my father helped my lower the motorcycle from the jack and then wheel it backwards out of the garage. the odometer read 14900 miles.

my father also wanted to mow the lawn but i thought it was too hot. it'll be even hotter tomorrow, better day would be monday, when the temperature drops down to a more seasonable 70's. my aunt and uncle showed up to pick up the pressure washer. i also gave matthew a tour of all the plants growing in the backyard. along with the pressure washer, they left with some rubber tubs, a few seedlings, and half a bag of chicken manure.

there wasn't much time to do anything else before it was time to prepare dinner. my father barbecued some drumsticks and corn on the grill, while my mother made (with my help) a bowl of smashed cucumbers. i returned home by 7pm, took me about 10 effortless minutes to ride back on the motorcycle.

jeff left a package of hard cider on my back porch, as a thank you for letting him use my parking permit earlier this week. i brought it inside and put them in the fridge before walking down to the community garden to check on my plants. originally i was going to water them this morning before it turned hot, but it rained unexpectedly early this morning, so i didn't think it was necessary. but i still went down anyway, just to check on them. they were fine, but i watered them regardless. i also noticed that david planted the bitter melon i gave him. initially i wasn't going to give him one even though he asked he every spring, but i finally decided to be a nice guy and offer him a seedling since i had so many anyway.

i returned home to watch the heats-celtics game. it wasn't until 8:30pm, so i had just enough time to use the bathroom and take a shower. i settled in with some hard cider and snacks (truffle potato chips, watermelon seeds).

as for the game? at one point the heat was up nearly 30 points and it looked like a blowout. but the celtics clawed back and got within a point before costly turnovers squandered their chance for an amazing comeback victory. it was a scary game because twice during the game it looked like boston would lose a star player to injury: first it was marcus smart, followed by jayson tatum. but managed to come back onto the court like nothing happened. on miami's side, jimmy butler left the game due to a knee injury, and likewise tyler herro. bam adebayo had an amazing game with 31 points. jaylen brown had the most points for boston with 40. celtics were without robert williams. even though boston lost, i'm impressed they managed to almost come back. and if butler and/or herro are injured and can't play in game 4, i like boston's chances, especially if they can get robert williams back.