my mission this morning was to get to belmont so i can spray the grapes with fungicide. i read that after a rain is the best time to spray since that's when the fungus are most active. however i kept getting sidetracked, stopping by the cafe around 10:30am and not leaving until 11:15am, so by the time i finally showed up in belmont, it was almost noon. i saw a rabbit on the front lawn, and when i shooed it away, i saw it was digging a hole in the middle of the lawn to make a nest. i filled out the hole, hoping it'd drive it away to nest elsewhere.

the sun also came out and typically i prefer spraying on cloudy days so the chemicals don't sun-scald the leaves, but i didn't have much choice. i mixed 1.2 tbsp (18ml) of immunox liquid with 0.75 tbsp (2.25 tsp) of captan powder to half a gallon of water. while i was spraying, i did notice some leaf spots on the reliant grapevine that looked like it might be fungal disease. it's only been 2 weeks since my last spray, and the concord grapes barely had buds; now they're new vine shots 1-2 ft in length.

returning to cambridge around 12:15pm, i stopped by the cafe again because the 16 gauge floral stem wires i ordered for my mother had arrived. when we took them out though, they looked like 18 gauge wires and dark green looked like light green. figuring it might've been a packing mistake, i contacted amazon to get a replacement.

continuing home, i stopped by the community garden to water my plants around 12:40pm. ann - who earlier this week asked if she could have a bitter melon seedling - texted me this morning saying she didn't want it anymore and was returning it. she happened to be in the garden when i went there. she also had some questions about my bike, like my handlebar extender and my bike seat.

i didn't get back home until 1:15pm. i bumped into beth and susan and was chatting with them, so i didn't leave for boston until 1:45pm. i also stopped by the nearby whole foods to return the floral wires.

i finally made it to chinatown at 2:15pm, getting some groceries from ming's market. i also wanted to stop by c-mart, but i was already carrying so many things it would've been awkward, so i didn't bother going. instead in biked into chinatown proper and bought two vietnamese sandwiches. i remember when you used to be able to buy one for $3; now they're $6.25 for a simple cold cut sandwich.

from chinatown i cut through the financial district to haymarket by 2:45pm. i was there for half an hour, looking for some good deals. i noticed many vendors already had cherries ($4 for a bag), but these are early season stock which are smaller and don't taste as sweet. i ended up getting: 5 blood oranges ($2), a bag of cara cara oranges ($4), 12 jaffa-like oranges (flat oranges, $4), 2 bundles of asparagus ($2), 2 sleeves of garlic ($3), and 2-1/2 lbs. of baby cucumbers ($5).

i got back home around 3:30pm. sweat-soaked, i took a quick shower first and changed into a pair of shorts before riding to the cafe at 4pm to drop off the supplies. i didn't return home until 5pm, where i finally ate something, one of the vietnamese sandwiches. that ended up being my breakfast-lunch-dinner, and i didn't eat anything else afterwards (though i did snack on a bunch of stuff, including watermelon seeds, almonds, peanuts, and potato chips).

i tried one of the oranges that looked like jaffa oranges. they have a sticker on them that says "arona" but i couldn't find any info about them. though they look like jaffa oranges - round, flat, easy to peel - they're not very sweet and have a bland flavor, though still juicy.

google maps timeline said i biked 18.2 miles today. i noticed i was biking faster as the day wore on, despite having tired legs. maybe it was because my bike was so heavy with supplies, i had all that mass working in my favor.

game 2 of the mavericks-warriors game was on tonight. i had it on in the background but i wasn't paying attention. instead i was watching apple+'s pachinko, following the story of a korean family through 4 generations. one of the actresses - kim minha - was on colbert last night promoting the show. i knew nothing of it, but downloaded the entire season (8 episodes) last night and started watching. it's pretty good, it even included chinese subtitle files so my mother will be able to watch it as well.

as for the game, mavericks were leading in the first half, but the warriors came back to tie then take the lead and eventually won the game. the western series is now 2-0 in golden state's favor. i also watched a bunch of analysis videos of last night's celtics victory over the heat, and the pundits all seem to agree that boston will eventually beat miami to enter the finals. game 3 is tomorrow night, we'll see how the celtics play.