my mother asked me to help out at the cafe today but i already made plans to do a day of gardening. at 10am i biked down to my parents' place to pick up the car and grab some materials: 5ft u-posts, leftover bag of organic miracle-gro potting soil, mallet. i drove back to my place, where i loaded up my seedlings, grow bags, plastic trellis netting, parking permit, and new garden tool set (trowel and cultivator).

i got to the community garden by 11:20am. i spent the next 3 hours terraforming my plot. i tilled the soil and got rid of all the wild sedum, mint, grass, and some other random plants. i also pulled up the money plants, there flowers were mostly spent already, and if i wanted more there's plenty in my parents' backyard. i pulled up the old posts and wire trellis, and installed new 5ft tall u-posts. not only did i install my trellises vertically, but i also realigned my grow bags so they were vertical as well, allowing me to further extend the trellis by 1-1/2 ft. i hooked the plastic trellis netting onto the posts. it's supposed to be 5x60ft, but they were more like 7-8ft tall. they're not the best trellis material - especially after having used wire trellises - but they were sturdy enough and seem like they could last a few seasons, despite being delicate looking.

i added composted manure to the grow bags - 5 preexisting, 2 new - and filled the new grow bags with potting soil. i had just enough to fill them up. i relocated a stripe mallow and a foxglove to the eastern side of my plot, the side that gets the least amount of sun. finally i planted my seedlings, which were already starting to wilt from being out in the hot sun for so long. 2 tomatoes, 2 pingtung eggplants, 1 ground cherry, 2 hyacinth beans, 2 white bitter melons, 2 long beans, 2 buttercup squashes. i also planted 3 peppers into a single 10 gallon grow bag: 2 purple serrano and 1 thai hot. i didn't plant the habanero though, it'll either live in the ground or i find a pot for it. i also left a grow bag empty - future home for a cherry tomato (still germinating in my grow closet) - and enough empty space to add another bitter melon or two.

anne came to the garden in the afternoon. she asked if she could have some bitter melon seeds. i told her i could give her a melon seedling (i have 8 currently in my grow closet).

i finally left by 2:15pm, stopping at my house first to drop off a tray of leftover sedum groundcover, then driving back to belmont to drop off the car. i then biked back to cambridge, stopping by the cafe around 3pm. my godmother was there. my original plan was to finish up with gardening and still have time to help out at the cafe, but by the time i arrived they didn't need my help another, the busy hours already over. i still made myself useful, cooking up 15 more tea eggs, before leaving around 3:45pm.

i hadn't eaten all day and only drank a diet raspberry snapple at the cafe. i took a shower and when i weighed myself afterwards, i'd already lost 3 lbs. from sweating. i warmed up a few frozen soft pretzels in the oven.

while in the backyard watering my seedlings, don asked me if i wanted some porcelain pots. these were beautiful blue and white china style pots with no drainage holes, designed for holding potted plants. i moved back inside the grow closet the large tray of flower seedlings. some of germinated, but they don't get enough sun sitting on my backyard porch, and i can protect them better when they're indoors. i also added to the grow closet my thai basil, because they get more light indoors.

for dinner i made some french bread pizza with a leftover baguette. the bread had already turned rock hard, but i rinsed it in the sink and covered it up with tin foil before throwing it in the 300 degrees oven for about 12 minutes to steam soften it. afterwards i worked with it like normal bread. i ate while watching game 1 between the dallas mavericks and golden state warriors. warriors beat the mavs resoundingly, they were up as much as 30+ points; they did to dallas what dallas did to phoenix. celtics have their game 2 tomorrow night.