temperature this morning was in the 70's, which i thought was cold so i brought an extra jacket when i left the house, but immediately regret the decision and wished i wore shorts instead. it was another hot day, although not as humid as yesterday, and the sky for the most part was overcast transitioning to a mix of clouds. the seedlings were safe for now.

my father had finished mowing the backyard and was saving the front yard for after lunch. my parents made wonton soup by the time i arrived. i thought we were going to eat the pasta salad i made yesterday, but my mother already had some late last night.

my father and i took an inventory of what seedlings i'd brought over and mapped out where each of them would go. we also planted more long bean seeds: RB0, RB1, RB2, and all along the southern bed. my father used up most of the seeds, just some left for RB4 once i clear it out. the buttercup squash seedlings i have will go into RB1 and RB2, as well as the newly opened western bed, but we will also plant more squash seeds as we have plenty to spare. we also allocated the hyacinth beans. we pounded two 7ft u-posts into the back of RB2, to form a taller trellis for future climbing vegetables. i put new duct tape around the cherry and cherry plum trees.

i went back inside around 3:30pm, to watch game 7 between the bucks-celtics. my mother got hungry and ate some more pasta salad and i joined her. the celtics weren't doing very well in the first few minutes of the game, kept missing after a grant william 3-pointer. the first quarter ended with the score 20-26. however in the 2nd quarter boston managed to get the lead, the score of 48-43 going into halftime. the celtics would not give up the lead after that. milwaukee's strategy seemed to be crowding the paint with their taller players so the celtics had zero chance of getting any offensive rebounds. they weren't defending the 3's, almost daring boston to shoot them, leaving players like grant williams completely open. boston's strategy was this: if you're going to leave williams open, we're going to keep on forcing williams to shoot 3-pointers. it was kind of nuts, all the celtics kept feeding williams the ball. he missed more than he mad - 18 attempts total - but still managed to made 40%. on the flip side, the bucks' offense went cold, especially in the 4th quarter. maybe it was fatigue, but giannis missed several point blank trips to the rim, and the celtics would capitalize by quickly passing the ball after the rebound for points. in the 4th quarter it was raining 3's, and once those started falling for the celtics, combined with the bucks going on a lengthy cold streak, i started feeling bad for milwaukee, this was unlike them, the team that pushed the celtics to a game 7, just unlucky they started playing poorly in the most crucial time. celtics ended up winning, 109-81 - 28 points! - and advancing to the eastern conference final where they'll face the heat in miami. grant williams was the top scorer of the game with 27 points, beating out antetokounmpo (25) and tatum (23).

i donated my old plastic cutting board to my father so he can use it as a backing for BMS in the lithium battery box project. we're still searching for a way to divide the electricity coming out of the battery. my father was researching power distribution blocks, but they all seem to be designed for 0/2/4 gauge input wires, with 4/8 gauge output. another possible option would be to use a 12V fuse block, which would also solve our problem having have a fuse system to prevent the battery from getting damaged in the event of a power surge or short circuit. a lot of these parts were designed for installing car stereos, we're just retrofitting them for our battery project.

my father pan-fried some korean beef dumplings for dinner, along with the leftover pasta salad. my mother took a nap right before the celtics game and didn't wake up for dinner, nor when i returned home to cambridge.

the second game 7 game of the day was between the mavericks-suns. i wasn't paying attention, but when i looked at the score, the dallas was up by 20 points in the first half. they'd go up as much as 40+ points behind luka doncic, it was an embarrassment for phoenix. i tried going to the phoenix suns subreddit to see what kind of online discussion was happening, but the admins made their subreddit private - i guess to prevent people from going on there and trash talking the losing team.