i brought in my seedlings last night from the porch because the temperature would dip into the 50's. i set them out again this morning, with the temperature outside already in the 70's and an unfamiliar humidity. i picked a tray of seedlings i'd plant in my own community garden, while the rest would be moved to my parents' backyard where most will be planted, with a few going to my sister. i still have two trays of very small seedlings germinating in my grow closet, but i'm only using one shelf. there's a lot of fungus gnats and even though i treat with mosquito bits, the fact that i keep the soil very moist and i don't allow it to dry means i can't break the gnat's life cycle. i can only rely on yellow sticky traps for the time being, but once the seedlings are big enough, i'll move them outside as well.

in the late morning i biked to my parents' place, so i could borrow the car and retrieve the seedlings. i was also moving two bags of composted manure and the 4 5ft tall u-posts i bought over the weekend to my community garden, but i couldn't find them anywhere so i figured my father had them in the other car at the cafe. i saw the group 24 battery box and how my father fit the LiFePo4 battery cells inside along with an inverter. i checked out the rabbit's nest, didn't see the dead rabbit, my father must've gotten rid of it.

first i had to stop by home depot to get some light socket plug adapter and some potting soil. i was trying to figure out if noontime is a busy time for home depot, and sure enough, it was, made worse by the fact that there was road construction so there are various detours and lane restrictions.

afterwards i went to the cafe to pick up the u-posts. unfortunately my father said they weren't in the car, so it was a wasted trip. however, it gave me a chance to drop off a bag of potting soil for my sister and leave behind the socket adapters. i also saw the new wifi thermal printer, but i didn't have time to set it up just yet.

returning home, i stopped by my community garden (1:15pm) to drop off the two bags of manure. back at the house, i dropped off the bag of potting soil and loaded up the car with trays of seedlings, as well as my collection of empty pots and empty gallon milk jugs.

i drove back to my parents' place to unload the seedlings (2:15pm). i searched for the u-posts everywhere but didn't see them, but finally found them next to the mailbox of all places. they were too long to strap to the back of my bicycle, i'll need to move them some other way. besides the seedlings, i also moved out all the potted jasmine plants from the basement. the temperature for the next few days will be very warm - with night time temperature in the 60's - so good enough for the jasmines. however i didn't move the gardenia, as it's very finicky with temperature and humidity, and didn't want it to abort flower buds like it did last year, even though because of my father's reckless pruning we only have a single flower bud this year. i turned off some unused grow lights and consolidated the remaining basement plants to one side of the grow room. i watered all the plants before leaving via bicycle around 3pm.

i went to the cafe to set up the wifi thermal printer and my sister's porch webcam. when i got there my parents told me they were the victim of an online order scam. some customer came in with an online order on his phone but my parents never received any notification. the guy didn't really speak english anyway, so after some arguing back and forth, my parents fulfilled the order and the guy left with it. but my sister called square and they said it wasn't one of their orders. is that a thing, online ordering scams for food? but then i thought about it, and discovered that the grubhub tablet was turned off. the order was actually a grubhub delivery, the guy the delivery person. nobody knew about the order because with the tablet off, it never printed out an order ticket. grubhub was supposed to contact my sister in the event of an unclaimed order, but she didn't hear the call. so it was legit after all, not a scam.

setting up the star micronics TSP143IIIW wifi thermal receipt printer was pretty painless. i pressed down the pair button on the printer until the power button started flashing. i then pressed the WPS button on the router. WPS technology has been around for a while but i always pair wifi devices manually. however in this case, since the thermal printer had no display, doing it automatically via WPS was the easier option. the printer printed out a test page once paired. from the square app on the ipad it could now see the wifi printer. i set it up so when we get an online order via square, it'll print an order ticket on both printers.

next i went to my sister's place to set up her porch camera. i screwed in the power adapter in the unused light socket, and plugged her wyze webcam into the outlet. the wyze cam has a magnetic base, and there's enough metal around the porch ceiling light fixture that the camera can attach without needing to screw down anything. this was the wyze cam that was formerly attached to her living room window, but because of a large rhododendron bush, she couldn't see if there are people on her front steps, so i relocated the camera. now it can see the steps perfectly well, but because the camera is overhead, it just sees people's heads, not their faces. just then the eufy C24 2K outdoor camera arrived. i opened it up but decided my sister didn't need this $70 camera after so i'm going to return it.

i finally finished by 5pm, biking home. i walked to walgreens to see if they had a hand trowel (the one i have is all battered and rusty), but they'd already cleared all their seasonal items (or maybe haven't stocked the shelves yet). i ended up leaving with two cans of spicy almonds.

i got back home by 5:40pm. i hadn't eaten all day, so after a shower, i finished a quarter bag of potato chips and had some beef jerky, that was my late lunch.

tonight was game 6 between the celtics and bucks, in milwaukee. a lot of pundits have already ruled out boston, and it made me sad watching the game, like seeing the season come to a close. but the celtics played well tonight, despite a monster game from giannis. their 3-point shots were falling for the most part, players didn't get into foul trouble, and the bucks was the giannis-show and none of his other teammates had a big night, so boston managed to contain milwaukee. it was like a game of attrition, and boston won because they kept a large enough lead that whenever the bucks tried to come back, they had an answer, until finally the game was over and boston won. the series is tied 3-3, game 7 is sunday afternoon back in boston.

i made some buldak ramen during the halftime. i still had some french bread pizza ingredients, but i'm all french bread pizza out for the time being, wanted to eat something else for a change.