i woke up at 8:30am so i could get ready and meet my sister at the cafe at 9:15am so we could go pick up some free compost at squirrel brand park. i didn't have any good containers, and i wasn't sure how much exactly was 20 gallons of compost per household. i had a large cardboard box and two 10-gallon black grow bags. i also grabbed some leaf litter bags. i stopped by the community garden to see if there were anymore free grow bags but they'd all been taken.

my sister brought along a 10-20 10 gallon rubbermaid brute grey trash can with lid. when we arrived at squirrel brand park, there was already a long line of people waiting alongside an open top roll-off dumpster filled with compost. people had various containers, from 5-gallon buckets, to plastic recycle bins, to plastic bags. a few even came with wagons to haul the compost away, something i soon realized was an absolute necessity, as even just a little bit of compost can be quite heavy.

there were two lines, one for people with small buckets where an attendant helped them fill their containers, and another line for people filling their own larger containers. right away i realized the leaf litter bags were going to be useless, so i just filled my sister's trash can and my two grow bags. while my sister went to go get the car, i decided to get even more compost when i noticed there wasn't any line. i used the leaf litter bag this time, and i had to carry it gently by the bottom as it was liable to tear open.

they also had samples of the different sized trash bins cambridge will be upgrading to within the coming weeks and months (as a way to combat the rodent problem). there was also some freebies, like rolls of at-home compost bags and shopping totes.

back at the cafe, my sister and i unloaded the compost before i returned home by 10:30am.

i was back out again by 11am, to chinatown and haymarket. it took a little longer than usual due to the strong winds. i went to ming's market first, then hopped across downtown crossing to haymarket. my haymarket haul: container of kimchi ($1), box of dried figs ($2), 10 black plums ($4), 4 limes ($1), 2 scallions ($1.50), sleeve of garlic ($2). i left by 12:15pm and took me half an hour to get home. after dropping off some things, i packed up my things and went to the cafe to drop off the rest of the supplies.

because of the cool and overcast weather, it was a slow day at the cafe. nobody took advantage of the outdoor seating. my father and i loaded the remaining containers of compost into the car. i fixed myself a container of horchata and rode to belmont with it in my cup holder, taking leisurely sips along the way.

my father gave me some leftover kung pao chicken with rice and i ate it when i arrived in belmont.

the strong winds had blown away all the protective plastic cup sleeves i put around the peas. i rounded them up from around the yard and put them back. when my father returned home around 4pm, we unloaded the compost. we stored them in discarded mulch bags. we moved the wooden plant stand next to raise bed 0 and i put our baby bokchoi and chinese celery seedlings on them, to keep them away from hungry rabbits.

speaking of rabbits, i went to go check on the rabbit nest. i knew they were still alive because i could see the rabbit fur covering on top of the nest moving. i uncovered the fur top and saw what looks to be 4 bunnies squirming in their den. they look bigger now, and their eyes are slightly opened.

i went back inside the house to watch game 3 between the celtics and bucks. it was a close game, the bucks pulled away in the second half, but the celtics came back to tie and even took the lead a few times, giving milwaukee a scare with less than a minute left in the game by taking the lead. but the bucks won out and got the final points to put them back on top to win the game.

for dinner we tried the haymarket kimchi that i bought. it was okay, i haven't had kimchi in a while. my father said it was sweeter than usual. my father also need a rib stew with frozen hyacinth beans he found in the freezer.

i returned home by 7:30pm. i went to star market to get some strawberries on sale. coming back in saw this couple wearing matching robes with very ornate patterning. i thought maybe it was something ethnic, so i asked them about it. they said there was no significance other than they liked the look, these sherpa wool lined cloaks. they gave me the website where they bought the garments, and i discovered each cloak is actually $230!

all that bike riding must've really tired me out and i fell asleep on the couch around 9pm, waking up at 10:30pm. i probably would've just gone to bed at that bed, but i still hadn't flossed, showered, or worked on my blog post yet, so i stayed awake to do that, watching saturday night live in the process (benedict cumberbatch hosting).