the same thing that happened yesterday happened today at the cafe: it wasn't busy in the morning nor noontime (the traditional time where it normally gets busy), but as we got closer to 1pm, there was a burst of activities. we had two online orders today, same as yesterday. we're much better at taking these orders now (with practice), had my sister's spare iphone with the square app turned on and i saw the order come in right away. we're also getting better at using the sur la table air fryer to toast/reheat our bento box protein ingredients.

maybe the weather had something to do with slow business? like yesterday, it was sunny but cold. temperature this morning into the early afternoon was still 48 degrees, and barely crept into the lower 50's. we have one more day of unseasonably cold weather tomorrow before we start warming up.

i finished my lemon cakes for lunch and made some black tea. i also had a glass of horchata; now that it's the tail end of the mixture, there's a lot more graininess. i want to make it again next week, but straining it for a smoother texture. my aunt stopped by in the afternoon and had some horchata as well. she's familiar with the drink and always order it when she gets food from her local mexican place. she said the same thing about the graininess, and also said it was much too sweet and had my sister dilute it with water.

xiaojuan stopped by the cafe again, right during a time when we were busy again. she comes to the cafe fairly regularly, but this is the first time i've been working there where she's visited.

fortunately i had other things to do so i didn't have to awkwardly entertain her chitchats. around 3pm i went outside and put mulch around the parking lot perimeter. i didn't think 10 bags (2 cu.ft each) would be enough, so i was surprised when i ended up mulching the whole parking lot perimeter with just 9 bags. it's a thankless job, like unclogging a sewer drain, and i braced myself for finding something gross, like dog feces or a dead animal. that didn't happen; what did happen was i found a $20 bill! which pretty much covered the cost of 10 bags of mulch.

sweaty, dirty, i finished by 4pm. i gathered up my things and left by 4:30pm. when i got home i found my upstairs neighbors still at home, which meant the new tenants were once again not moving in today. i wish they'd update me on their status, so i have an idea when i can expect them to be gone. an amazon package was on my doorsteps: 3x PNY 64GB microSDXC cards (for webcams) and two spools of green PVC coated wires (about 50ft per roll).

when my father got home he sent me the latest photo of the LiFePo4 batteries charging: with the bench power supply set to 3.65v, the individual battery cells are now at 3.488v. according to the charge graph, the final portion of a LiFePo4 battery top balancing should increase very fast starting from 3.375v. once we get all the cells to 3.65v, the cells should all be top balanced and we can connect the cells in series and re-install the BMS.

i made a bagel sandwich for dinner. my mother called right when i was making food around 9pm, i told her i'd call her back at 10pm. she wanted me to order some medication for my 2nd aunt using her health insurance benefit stipend.