i woke up at 8:30am in anticipation for handyman brian's arrival. he didn't show up until 9am. since both my upstairs neighbors were meeting him outside, i decided my presence wasn't needed so i stayed indoors with the blinds closed. brian started working immediately, i could hear him banging on the house.

since i was up early, i had time to do some grow closet maintenance. i set up the PSU fan controller two run two case fans, one on the top shelf, one on the middle shelf. it's a little clunky, and i have expose wires running everywhere, but it works, and it's free.

my father made a pot of hot & sour soup at the cafe this morning. i filled a bowl but then we suddenly started to get busy and by the time i had my soup it wasn't hot anymore. based on sales, today was the 5th busiest day this month. we didn't set any records, but we made triple the profit compared to yesterday. my sister activated grubhub today. we have zero advertising so nobody knows about it yet, but she told her korean who lives in brighton and she ordered a bento box and a bubble tea for delivery. we gave her a free ramen noodle to test how well it travels (did the noodles stick together? was the the broth still hot when it arrived?).

i also made edits to the square inventory this morning, and it reflected in the checkout app, now when you select a bento box, it gives you the option to select which one; previously a bento box was just that, and we had no idea which one was which. one really weird thing is you can create categories in square, but you can't assign a photo to them. it's a feature that customers have been asking for over 6 years, but square has made no effort to add this seemingly very simple and basic feature.

i left the cafe by 3:20pm. when i got back home, a corner of the front porch roof had been removed, as well as a piece of the front steps. i dropped off my things, grabbed my gloves, and walked down to the community garden to do some weeding. i was hoping to bump into lynn, but i saw anne there (who took over jen's old plot via lottery) and dave was there for an extended period. i spent time digging up the grass, which seemed to have taken over my plot, along with sedum.

i didn't leave the garden until almost 6pm. brian was gone by the time i got back, but he left behind his trailer of equipment, i'm assuming he's returning tomorrow to finish up. i cut up some more baguette and finished the rest of my brie cheese while watching the news.

for dinner i heated up some leftover hot and sour soup my father gave me while watching the nets-celtics game. boston trailed until late in the game, but they were always within striking distance. it's easier to play from behind, to be offensive-minded, instead of having the lead, where you need to be more defensive. once celtics got the lead, momentum shifted in their favor, and they expanded the lead to such a point that brooklyn couldn't come back. celtics win, now they lead the series 2-0.