my father came to pick me up at 11am so we could go to the cafe and help out my sister and her godmother. i also brought along my baby bokchoi and chinese celery seedlings. it wasn't crazy at first, then around noontime it became super busy. no bento boxes, all "hard" orders that involved cooking. we didn't leave until 2pm.

when we got to my parents' place, i put my bokchoi and celery seedlings outside. i put a glass storm window over them as a screen. i chased a rabbit out of the backyard, it hopped the fence behind the quince bush.

i'd wanted to do some drone flying at the cafe but it got too busy (plus the phone had no power). instead i flew the drone from my parents' backyard. i wanted to see the dramatic storm clouds. i didn't get very far though, due to the strong winds, and the fact that there was rumbling of thunder in the distance and it started to rain. i quickly brought down the drone.

the rain seemed to be holding off, which gave me enough time to do a quick backyard survey. the only things growing in the raised beds so far are the garlics, which seem to be very healthy. the daikon radishes have sprouted. so have a few pea plants. the cherry plums have started to blossom a bit.

i went back inside the house because the rain had started to pick up again. it didn't take long before the sky darkened and it became a downpour. that downpour transitioned to a minute worth of hailing, ice balls the size of bb pellets. it was a good thing i had the storm window over my seedlings, otherwise they would've been pelted to death.

i went out again an hour later when the sun came out to do some more drone flying. once again i didn't get very far, as the sun disappeared and it started to rain again. from the sky i didn't see we had one of the greeniest lawns in the neighborhood, due to our 2 seasons of steady grass fertilizing.

for dinner my father made noodles from a pork bone & ham hock broth he'd been slow simmering all afternoon. afterwards i got a ride home.

i brought with me rudbeckia and chinese aster seeds i saved up from last season. i ended up planting chinese asters from the seed packet, which still contained plenty of seeds. i think i'll probably sow the saved seeds directly into the soil, because i'm not even sure if they'll germinate (i might've collected the seeds too early).

i'm nearly out of google photos storage space, so i signed up for photo one tonight. instead of paying monthly ($2/month for 100GB), i opted for the annual payment option ($20). i also used my google cash (i had $40 worth), so it didn't cost me anything. the thing i didn't realize was the storage can be shared amongst family members, so i don't have to sign my mother up (her photo storage is nearly used up as well). one thing i noticed after signing up for google one is my google avatar is a rainbow ring around it.