my father made some steamed eggs with a side of yellow sweet potato for lunch when i arrived at the cafe this morning. it had rained overnight, and even this morning i could hear the rain beating outside. the roads were wet, dotted with puddles, but the rain seemed to have passed, and temperature was already in the 50's, though still cool enough that i needed a jacket.

i added some photos to the grubhub menu then later my sister was on a conference call to a grubhub representative teaching us how to take a test order on the tablet. the grubhub system comes with a fancy wireless TSP100III thermal printer for receipts. my father wanted to use it to print out squareup receipts and we managed to connect the ipad to the printer via bluetooth and print successfully. unfortunately when we did that, it'd lock the printer from pairing with the grubhub tablet. there still might be a way to have multiple different tablets share the same printer using the ethernet connection or wifi instead of bluetooth. we were waiting for my aunt to show up (as she usually does on fridays) but it was already 2pm and she was a no know. she did eventually stop by, just when i was getting ready to leave for chinatown and haymarket.

i went by my house around 2:45pm to drop off my macbook pro and pick up some grocery bags before heading into boston.

i went to ming's market, where i managed to get pretty much everything i needed. late afternoon on a friday, the supermarket wasn't very busy, and the cashiers were all standing there acting bored.

from there i went to haymarket via downtown crossing. my haul: 1 red meat honey grapefruit ($2), 3 bags of golden nugget oranges ($2/bag), 2 packets of mini cucumbers ($1 each), bag of scallions ($1), 1 ripe avocado ($1). i also wanted to get some asparagus and it seemed all the vendors carried them, but they were all shriveled up and not very good looking so i decided to skip them.

i left boston by 4pm, slowly pedalling back to cambridge, my bike only usable in the 7th gear, which made going uphill quite tedious. instead of going home, i decided to stop by the cafe to drop off the supplies. it took 39 minutes to pedal the 4.9 miles.

returning home from the cafe, i bumped into jen. she mentioned something about the sunday meeting, which got me confused, but then i remembered it was for our community garden. i also remember last year was her first year, so she'd never been to a garden meeting, of which i'm most likely to skip. because she still hadn't had a plot assigned yet, she'll need to go to enter the drawing.

my mother called me again before 6pm, which was 6am taiwan time. she and my 2nd aunt were taking a taxi to the hospital today to get their PCR test. she was angry because they made her pay to get tested at the emergency room. if they don't contact her, it's because her test was negative, which means she can go outside beginning sunday, though she has to avoid crowds for a week and still do 2 more at-home tests.

for dinner i made a bowl of luxury korean ramen. i tried two golden nugget oranges, they were okay, but i think it's still early in the season for the real sweet oranges to make their appearance.