my ribs, my arm, they still hurt, but after so many weeks, i think they're starting to heal slowly. or maybe i've just gotten used to living with the pain. not too busy at the cafe, a trickle of customers. the most important thing i did today was order a 75 oz. bulk jug of kikkoman tonkatsu sauce, which have been impossible to find in stores.

i left by 2:30pm, went to belmont to plant daikon radish and cilantro seeds in the backyard. i tilled the soil in RB0, RB1, RB2, and RB4, making sure not to go too far back where i've already planted wando peas about a week ago (not have emerged yet). RB2 already contained a few surviving daikons from last fall. i dug them up and relocated them, one of them had a daikon radish the size of a small hot dog. into the rest of RB2 i planted some daikon seeds. supposedly they don't do well in nitrogen-rich soil (they grew more leaves at the expense of tubers), so we'll see how they do. in RB0 i sprinkled a bunch of cilantro seeds that my father had soaked overnight. RB1 also had some cilantro seeds. the rest of the cilantro i planted in our newly expanded western garden bed.

when i finished my gardening, i flew the drone for about 15 minutes starting at 3:45pm. fresh pond golf course is redoing their fencing along huron avenue, i got some photos for posterity. i also visited oakley country club, which judging by the better grass conditions, is probably the more upscale golf course (it's private compared to fresh pond which is public).

i returned home by 4pm, grabbing the t-mobile/ASUS AC-1900 modem ($35) that arrived, so i can flash it into an asus RT-AC68U modem.

my seed starter trays finally arrived today (6pm), 24 6-cell trays ($5.50). i needed them so i could plant my chinese celery and shanghai baby bokchoi seeds. i used a whole growing tray, half celery (24 cells), half bokchoi (24 cells). they germinate best in cool temperature, so my house is perfect. i first had to soak the bokchoi seeds though.

also arriving with the seed starter trays was my new bike seat. i tried the saddle cover, they fit much better on this smaller seat. i'll have to figure out a time to replacement the saddle, and basically do an overhaul of the bike. i did a cursory check of the rear freewheel, i think the reason it's skipping is because i've worn down the sprockets on the 6th gear. i can't remember the last time i replaced the freewheel, seems like just recently, like a year or two (but my record shows the last time was 2016).

i didn't plant the seeds until 9pm. instead of the new trays i got, i ended up using old trays that were 3 conjoined 6-cells (18 total). the wet seeds were almost impossible to plant because they'd stick to my fingers. i planted a single bokchoi seed per cell, but for the celery i had way too seeds and they all clumped together, so i did the best i could, rubbed the seeds off my fingertips, then sifted them into the soil with a pencil.

afterwards i made another bagel sandwich for dinner. i ate while watching the end of the heat-celtics game. there was something like 2 dozen lead chances, but miami ended up winning, and the celtics most likely lost their chance to get the number 1 seed in the eastern conference.