my father picked me up at 11:30am and we stopped by the cafe to see if my sister needed help. we came at the right time because it suddenly got really busy. it was plate-spinning madness as my father was outside dealing with customers and making drinks, while my sister, her godmother, and i were in the back assembling the various orders, to-go and dine-in. my father said we made more in one hour than all the sales yesterday combined. we final left around 1pm once things died down.

i wasn't hungry so i didn't have any lunch, but i did eat a slice of banana bread/cake.

my father and i were out in the backyard making an inspection. he said the reason why i couldn't find how the rabbits were getting into the backyard is because rabbits can climb to a degree. he saw a rabbit in the backyard and chased after it, only to see it scramble over our low fence and away into the neighbor's yard. climbing rabbits is not something we can prevent, so it puts a new dimension in the war against them.

i was just in belmont on tuesday, but in just 4 days there's been more backyard development. the garlics are getting even bigger, based on their size, this might be our best season ever. i planted them late enough so that most of them didn't sprout in late fall, and only now are they fast growing. the addition of chicken manure in the raised beds is also giving them a tremendous boost.

my father dug out some errant foxgloves growing in random places around the backyard. he plans on planting them around the cafe. i put a wire screen over them so squirrels won't be tempted to dig in the pots.

we saw a lot of springtails (AKA snow fleas) on the rotting picnic table. we're still debating on whether to get a new picnic table this year or try to fix this one by replacing all the rotten board. but the picnic table as-is is in pretty rough shape, more than half of the wood seems to be rotten, and there's even shelf mushrooms growing all over the underside, so it's easier and more economical just to buy a new table.

the daffodils barely had flower buds on tuesday but today it seemed they all had flower buds, drooping over the stalks. it was a wise decision to divide the daffodils along with the raspberry canes.

i saw some dramatic clouds and went out to fly the drone. the clouds turned out to be too dramatic, as they were rain clouds and i started to feel drops. i brought in the drone and went back inside the house.

i brought drumsticks but because it was raining, we decided to just marinate them today and barbecue them tomorrow. instead, my father made a fish flake soup with imitation crab and ginger, a stiy-fry cabbage, and steamed some chinese sausages to go with some rice.

my father gave me a ride back to cambridge, stopping at my sister's place to drop off her gluten medicine. on my doorstep was a box: my new pair of merrell moab 3 hiking shoes. they looked nearly identical to the ones i currently have, except these are ventilated and not waterproof, so i can wear them during the summer and not have to worry about my feet getting stinky.

i planned on planting some chinese celery and baby bokchoi seeds that arrived yesterday, but i read some instructions online that said to soak the celery seeds overnight, then put them in the fridge for a day before planting them.