it was raining today, so i ended up walking to the cafe this morning instead of taking the bike. i didn't mind, it allowed me to take some photos of the early spring flowers, made more dramatic in the rain.

when i arrived at the cafe and went to go wash my hands, i noticed my mi band fitness tracker was gone. i panicked. could i have dropped it while i was walking? it's been known to happen, the band coming loose, though i've always been lucky and caught it before i lost it. i just couldn't remember ever taking it off, and when i tried to connect it to the phone app, it couldn't find it, so it definitely wasn't on me. it was able to record my sleep last night, but there was no step count, so maybe i just left it at home, or i lost it on the sidewalk somewhere before it had a chance to sync step data to the phone.

anyway, for the rest of the day while i was at the cafe i felt anxious, thinking about my lost fitness tracker. worst case scenario i dropped it somewhere, just need to buy a replacement, and i the meantime i have my old tracker.

my father brewed a pot of coffee with the new bunn coffee brewer and it worked flawlessly, filled the pot exactly to the supposed 64 oz. mark (which we now know is something like actually 60 oz. taking into consideration the amount of water absorbed by the coffee grounds). it said it taste better compared to the $40 coffee maker, since it brews the coffee much faster and hotter, so there isn't any bitterness. my father also revealed to me that all their old coffee equipment were loan equipment from their coffee dealer in exchange for buying coffee beans from them. they went out of business after all these years and never came back for their equipment. my father showed me the banks of used coffee equipment in the basement that's still worth some money if we sold them.

i left for home by 2:50pm. it was still raining and cold enough to see my own breath. i had to retrace my steps if my some miracle i should come across my lost fitness tracker. unfortunately i didn't see it anywhere, or maybe somebody already picked it up.

when i finally got back home after a 25 minute walk, i took a quick look around the house, hoping to see the mi band. i couldn't find it. dejected, i checked the mi fitness app on my phone and i noticed it was actually syncing the data. i was happy because that meant the fitness tracker was somewhere in the house. i finally found it in the dark emerald cushion of my tube chair. i must've have taken it off this morning when i was either checking my blood pressure, or maybe simply forgot to put it back on after i showered (which is weird, because i normally wear it while showering).

i have a habit of lounging on the couch, but with my broken rib(s), it's really painful to get back up, so i find myself staying on my back for as long as possible. since today was the last day of this week's star market sale, i went there before 8pm to grab some clementines that were on sale.

when i came back i made some spinach feta orzo. there was various recipes, i went with one that boiled the orzo and sautéed the spinach along with some garlic and onion. i only used a cup of orzo, but even that felt like too much. once everything finished cooking, i combined the ingredients and added some feta cheese. in hindsight, i should've cooked the orzo in some chicken broth, do it like a risotto, since the dish was kind of bland.

around midnight i called my mother again. there's something funny with her phone, it intermittently loses audio. good news is she got her suitcase back. the airline tracked it to an elderly man in a wheelchair who happened to live in the next town over (jingmei); after they delivered the suitcase to my mother, the airline returned the man's suitcase. my mother told me she and my aunt did sleep in the afternoon yesterday, only to wake up again in the evening. my aunt managed to force herself to sleep again but my mother stayed awake, though she vowed she won't go to sleep today until te evening, trying to break the jetlag. she also said my big aunt was going to break quarantine protocol and come back to the house and stay with her sisters, even though she might risk receiving a stiff fine. i had my mother reset her phone twice to see if it'd fix the audio issue but it didn't. she said my mother was coming by later to drop off some food.