i woke up at 8am to book covid-19 testing appointments for my mother and 2nd aunt. they already have testing appointments on sunday morning at the arlington CVS, but they wanted to book another appointment elsewhere in case CVS doesn't get them the results in time before they leave for taiwan tuesday morning. luckily cambridge has free testing for cambridge residents and those who work in cambridge. new appointments for the week are released every friday morning at 9am, but when i checked they were already available. i booked the earliest time for sunday, which is 2pm. the testing place is in kendall square.

according to my weather station, temperature in cambridge today reached 74 degrees. i wore a long-sleeved shirt when i left for the cafe late this morning after a matcha latte breakfast, but already i felt over-dressed. given the nice weather, i thought it'd be crazy busy today, but other than an intense burst around 1pm (where my parents, my sister, my sister's godmother, and myself were all working together), it was mostly quiet. my mother said i could go by around 2:30pm.

the weather we so nice, it felt like a shame if i didn't go out and enjoy it a little bit. with the union square green line set to open on monday, i thought i'd go check it out beforehand. i packed my drone and walked down to union square. i stopped at the UPS store to drop off some used nespresso pods for recycling. i bumped into former upstairs tenant dave, who's now living on cedar street. we chatted about sports.

looking for a place to launch, originally i wanted to fly from prospect hill, but i walked down the end of wesley park (a dead end street), and found a spot that looked promising. dji fly app gave me a warning that logan airport was nearby, but still allowed me to ascend to 400ft because i wasn't in a runway pathway. i checked out the new union square MBTA station, which was pretty underwhelming, eclipsed by the nearby high rise constructions. it's hard to shake off the feeling that the new subway station had actually made union square worse, with skyrocketing rents, deep pocket developments buying up properties, displacement of small businesses, and non-stop construction that's affected both businesses and residences. just walking down to union square i was surprised by the number of new constructions.

coming back from union square, i stopped at walgreens to pick up 2 prescriptions (i was going to go another day, since i was still waiting on a third prescription refill authorization from my doctor) then went to star market to buy some boneless chicken thighs on sale. i called bruce when i got back, he stopped by and dropped off some red cabbage slaw with apple and onion.

i saw yesterday that the bunn dual voltage coffee brewer (CWTF-DV) we ordered won't arrive until may 25th. i told my father and we decided to get the 120V version instead (CWTF15-3) which was in stock. it's exactly the same but lacks a 240v option, so instead of 3400 watts, it's only 1670 watts, which is still plenty powerful. even the 120V version is rated to brew 3.9 gallons of coffee per hour (240v version can brew 7.5 gallons per hour, way beyond our needs). i noticed there was no option to cancel the order so i had to contact webstaurant. i spoke with an agent via the online chat option. he told me it'd take a few days to cancel the order because he had to contact the distributor, but while we were chatting, the distributor actually replied back and cancelled the order. afterwards i ordered the 120V model (CWTF15-3), due to arrive next week.

for dinner i reheated some leftover sausage kale lentil soup and had some red cabbage slaw. bruce recommended i add some vinegar, so i mixed in a dash of red wine vinegar. it made the slaw tangy and sweet, with a nice crunch that complemented the mushiness of the lentil soup.