this morning i booted into my catalina-turbotax thumb drive so i could do taxes for both my 2nd aunt and sister's godmother. it really wasn't that difficult, basically input some numbers into the software so it could spit out the relevant tax forms. after i printed out their taxes and stuffed them into corresponding stamped envelopes, i tried to do my own taxes. i had a stack of mails in the foyer which i finally sort through to dig out the relevant tax forms. i am however still missing a 1099-NEC. hopefully i can get that next week and finish my taxes so there's on less thing i need to worry about.

i wasn't even hungry so instead of lunch, i biked down to the cafe to drop off the tax forms. just so happened everyone was there, including my sister's godmother and my 2nd aunt. my sister's godmother's getting both a federal and state refund, while my aunt doesn't need to pay either federal or state.

i got back home by 2pm and left for boston shortly afterwards. i just wore a long-sleeved shirt. it was cold at times in the shade, but as long as i was pedaling i was warm, and warm in the sun as well.

i cut across boston common to get onto tremont street and made my way to ming's market first. mostly stuff my mother wanted, although i did get some more watermelon seeds for myself. afterwards i went to c-mart to look for 1) a particular brand of hot pot base, and 2) charsiu powder. they didn't have the hot pot base, but they did have several brands of charsiu powder; i ended up just taking a photo because i didn't know which brand to get (although the noh brand seems familiar).

i then cut across downtown crossing and went to haymarket. there were even fewer tents than last weekend, i'm really starting to worry that the forces of gentrification combined with supply chain issues and raising fuel cost will eventually kill haymarket. i was looking for mini persian cucumbers but no a single vendor carried them. i was also looking for garlic, but seems like overnight the price went up to $2/sleeve. i left with 2 boxes of strawberries for $2. hopefully once the weather warms up (and maybe lower fuel cost) more vendors will return.

i left boston by 3:30pm, getting back home by 4pm. i walked across the street to star market to stock up on st.patrick's day staples: cabbages for 17¢/lbs., 5lbs. bag of russet potatoes for $1.77/bag, and 3 lbs. bag of yellow onions for $1.77/bag. there was also a sale on carrots (77¢/lbs.) but i'm not much of a carrots guy so i didn't get any. all that plus 2 boxes of cheez-it for just $8.

when i got back home, there was a handyman (brian) standing outside the house. this was the guy paul said they called to come and do an estimate, but kind of a dick move for them to out all day and just blow off the appointment. luckily i was there, and after paul walked him through what needed to be repaired, i showed him a few additional spots (like leaking gutters and missing shingles).

feeling hungry, i finished the rest of my tabouli salad with melba toast. i also dug out the sour red seedless grapes, trying to finish them before they go bad (though to be honest, i kind of just want to toss them out, they're not sweet at all).

for dinner i made a bowl of luxury korean ramen. i make it all fancy, but it's no healthier than regular ramen.