wearing a mi band one on each wrist when i went to bed last night, i was curious to see what the data results would be this morning. even though the mi band 6 gave me a lower sleep score, i felt it was more accurate. it was able to see i was in bed but not asleep, as i did about an hour of reading (shackleton biography) before finally going to sleep around 3am. once again, light sleep and deep sleep data don't match. and the mi band 6 said i was deep in REM sleep all the way until i woke up.

it snowed a tiny bit last night but it was all due to melt today as the temperature would reach the 50's. from the solar edge monitoring app i could see our solar panels were still covered though. so i left a bit after 10:30am for my parents' place so i could clear the snow off the panels. i sent the drone in the air briefly so i could get an idea of how much snow there was still on the panels. most of the snow from the main roof panels had melted, it was just some sun room roof panels that needed clearing. as for our neighbors, virtually everyone else had the snow on their panels already cleared. i made quick work of it, had all the snow off in about 10 minutes. it was even really snow, more like very wet slush, and the black panels were so warm by that point i could actually see the snow steaming.

afterwards i did some pruning: an evergreen in front of the house that was growing so tall it was blocking the living room window, and some suckers from the backyard maple tree. the maple tree was dripping sap from the branches that i cut, which means once again i've prune a little late but nothing i can do about it. best time to prune trees is at the end of winter but before it starts getting warm enough for the sap to drip.

i also did a backyard inspection. there was one set of rabbit prints, but i still have no idea how it's getting in. once the spring season is in full swing, we'll take another careful survey of the backyard perimeter to check for openings. places like under log piles could potential have hidden holes were rabbits are getting in.

i was done with the pruning and backyard inspection by 12:30pm. i brought out the drone one last time. belmont road crew were cutting down one of my neighbor's sidewalk trees. there used to be so many more trees on my parents' street, but one by one they've been chopped down, whether due to disease or some other reason. it's unfortunate that belmont doesn't have the budget to plant more trees, although i did put my parents' on the tree wait list, but that was before the pandemic.

i got a chance to try one of the quickshots, the circle mode. you mark a location on the screen, and the drone spins around the target until it films a full circle.

afterwards i came back inside and cleaned up the basement a bit in preparation for the verizon technician who was coming late saturday morning to reinstall a verizon FIOS box. i'm a little worried because it's going to be pouring rain on saturday, and i'm afraid of the technician making a mess of the house. hopefully it won't be too difficult and he can get it down relatively quick.

i left by 1pm, stopping by the cafe to drop off some compost bags i had in my house. i was also there to pick up some tax documents for my 2nd aunt and sister's godmother, i particularly need to get the taxes done for my aunt before she leaves with my mother in less than 2 weeks. my sister was there and i was able to give her the mi band 6. when i unpaired it from my phone, it reset the mi band and lost the custom watch face setting. fortunately you're able to recreate the watch face from the mi fitness app on the iphone. the mi band was able to show who's calling but wasn't able to display text for some reason. i wasn't sure if my sister liked the mi band or not, there's a lot of feature she'll never use, she just wants a step counter, which is what her old fitness tracker does. her old tracker can also set the stride distance, something the mi band can't. the only thing she likes about the mi band is she can put a photo of her dog as a watch face background. my mother packed me a bento box to go before i left.

i saved the bento box for dinner, eating some cereal instead of a late lunch. afterwards i rode to market basket to get a few things: pickling spice (for the corned beef), caraway seeds (for making sauerkraut), tabouli salad, melba toast.

i feel asleep on the couch in the early evening, waking up around 7:30pm to prepare dinner. i heated up the bento box in the microwave and sliced the last of my blood oranges. i ate while watching a bootleg copy of the batman. quality-wise it wasn't too bad, i think it was filmed in an indian movie theater because they had english subtitles (though they'd edit out all the swear words). as for the film itself, it reminded me a lot of seven, psychopath killer with an agenda killing off people one by one as detectives try to figure out who it is and stop the killer before he kills again. it was very dark, very serious, i enjoyed it, can't wait to see the actual print when it becomes available.

i think i'm going to hit chinatown and haymarket again tomorrow, with the temperature being so nice. i'm also going to try and get my aunt's taxes done by the morning so i can print it out for her for friday.