i woke up this morning to check the sleep data on my two mi bands. i'd turned on enhanced sleep monitoring last night, so i was curious to see how much more accurate it was. the mi band 6 gave me a new set of data - REM sleep - which the mi band 4 doesn't have. it's a little troubling that the data doesn't quite match up though. either one of the bands is inaccurate, or maybe they're both inaccurate, and both data are garbage, as accurate as astrology.

after some cereal for lunch, i went across the street to star market to get some corned beef on sale. star market's price is actually cheaper ($2.50/lbs for point cut, $3.50/lbs for flat cut) than market basket (though market basket has name brand while star market is its own store brand). there's actually a sale at star market next week where point cut corned beef is only 97¢/lbs but it requires spending $25+ on other groceries. they only had 4 packages of corned beef left. i ended up taking one of the flat cut, i always get the cheaper point cut which is fattier, but you end up with less beef. maybe next week when they restock their supplies i might get another package and store it in my fridge.

this day was about waiting for the snow to arrive. by the afternoon it was flurrying, but temperature was still 40 degrees so nothing was sticking. as the day wore on though, temperature started to drop, so by evening - when the snow finally stopped - we had less than a centimeter of accumulation on the ground. all that is going to melt though, as the temperature for the next 3 days will all be in the 50's. in fact, the weather seems to be transitioning now, and the long range forecast shows mostly 50+ days for the next 2 weeks. this may in fact be our last snow of the season.

in the late afternoon i baked a few soft pretzels in the toaster oven. for dinner i finished the leftover crispy orange chicken and rice, then had some blood oranges. tonight i'm going to sleep with the mi bands on separate wrists, to see if that'll make any difference in the sleep data accuracy.