the one thing i planned on doing today - fixing my front bike wheel - i ended up not doing because it was too gross outside. it wasn't so bad in the morning, but then the sky turned overcast and the temperature hovered around freezing, i just didn't want to be outside. tomorrow looks to be a better day, with temperature in the 40's and sunny. i need to fix the bike anyway if i want to use it to get groceries. it'd also get rid of the tire from the house, which sticks of rubber.

people kept calling me today. my father called asking if i could him a copy of our solar loan statement. my sister called asking if i could go pick up medicine for hailey. and my mother asking to check my 2nd aunt's healthy benefits plus account and later asked me to called the social security office to inquire about suspending my aunt's SSI benefits while she's away in taiwan.

i had the last of my cranberry walnut chicken salad with bagel for lunch, along with a matcha latte. i retroactively updated some missing blog posts, only got through 2 days worth, struck with writer's block for some reason, had a hard time focusing, kept getting distracted with the 32 chrome tabs i have opened.

boston announced they will lift mandatory mask restrictions starting on sunday. now somerville seems to be the last hold out, but supposedly their board of health will have a meeting on thursday to discuss lifting the mask mandate.

when evening came across and it was time for dinner, i made some white cheddar pasta shells with kale. i ate while watching the state of the union address. most everyone there didn't wear masks, although people were still socially distant with the seating arrangements.