i arrived in belmont bearing two cartons of hagen-dazs ice cream i bought last night. my father immediately sampled the pineapple coconut ice cream. my mother made some rice noodle with leftover christmas ham broth. the ham itself had been cooked so long, there was hardly any flavor left, all of it going into the soup.

the bunn coffee maker arrived today, came in a large cardboard box. on the side it said, "quality since 1840," which piqued my curiosity so i looked up the company info. for some reason i thought it was german or italian, but bunn is actually an american company. the 1840 tagline is kind of misleading because they'd only started making coffee brewers since the 50's, but the family's been in business since the mid-1800's, starting with a convenience store.

while my parents walked down to the mt.auburn star market to get a few things (an excuse to do some walking), i stayed home and continued working on improving the cafe website. i added some floating images to jazz it up a bit, and tried different variations of the navbar so i can get the logo, the overly long cafe name, telephone number, address, and hours all into that little space. it was further complicated by issues of responsiveness, as every phone, every tablet, and every computer seemed to display the website a little differently.

my parents came back around 2pm. they bought way too much groceries to just carry it all home and they nearly collapsed. they were there primarily to see if they had any boneless chicken thighs in stock, which they did. but what's like 3lbs. per package and they bought two, along with some pork roast that were also on sale, so it was like hauling weights.

after dinner i went home to catch the winter olympics closing ceremony, which had already happened this morning, but this was the rebroadcast. i felt a bit sad to see it over, now what am i going to watch on tv?

i stayed up until almost 3am, ironing out the kinks in the new cafe website. i finally figured out the navbar conundrum, taking advantage of w3.css hide and show capability depending on whether one's browsing on a large screen or a small screen.