i really wanted to take a trip down to haymarket today. it's been more 2 months since my last visit. weather today was relatively warm (lower 40's) and most of the snow on the street had melted. the only problem was the gale force winds, strong enough to buffet the house and make it creak. it's no fun riding a bike into a strong headwind, or getting push sideways by a strong gust. there was nothing i really needed from haymarket or chinatown, so in the end i decided to try again next friday.

for lunch i had yogurt with granola with a glass of matcha latte, two things that was going to make me go to the bathroom soon afterwards.

in the early afternoon i went down to the cafe to extract some videos from the basement webcam (wyze pancam). typically i could download snippets remotely, but i wanted hours of video, so easier just to copy it off of the memory card. when the coffee maker started leaking last monday, we didn't get a lot of footage of it happening, but in the basement you could hear the sound of water dripping starting around 11am, and last until nearly 7pm when my sister finally discovered the leak. she suggested we save that footage as evidence for the insurance claim adjuster arriving next monday to survey the damages.

i then helped my mother and 2nd aunt book their flight to taiwan. last weekend my mother told me she planned on going to taiwan. she'll be gone for 6 weeks, nearly 2 weeks of that spent in quarantine upon arrival. it used to be that people had to stay in designated hotels, but taiwan changed the rule this week, and now people can quarantine at home if they have a house there. my taiwanese aunt said she could go live with my cousin for 10 days while my mother and 2nd aunt quarantine at her house. i booked the flight from march to may.

i left before 3pm. the ride was windy but it wasn't too bad. i also brought back some scallion bread my parents had made and a small slice of cheese cake my 2nd aunt made.

i went out again a bit later, to walgreens to pick up my prescriptions after i saw online they were ready. i then went to market basket to pick up some groceries: kitchen trash bags, baking soda deodorizers, scallions, kielbasa, extra firm tofu, smartfood popcorn.

i came home a bit after 4pm. i did a full clean of the aquarium, replacing the activated carbon granules. it's been nearly a month since the last time i cleaned, i can't believe it's been that long. i also use the dirty water to feed my houseplants, so it's also been nearly a month since i watered them. that would explain how the fungus gnat population in my house had gone up again, i haven't kept up with the mosquito bit soil drenches. next time i clean i'm going to do an even more thorough cleaning, removing the driftwoods and trimming the long anubias roots, which seem to always get tangled with fresh hair algae. i finished about an hour later.

i ate the scallion breads and the homemade cheesecake. my 2nd aunt did add cream cheese but it tasted more like a floppy soggy egg pancake than a cheesecake. i finished watching reacher last night, then finished the last episode of peacemaker in the early evening. i currently not following any shows, though i still have some partially finished series i need to wrap up.

for dinner i made a bowl of spicy buldak noodles with a poached egg. i also added my homemade mung bean sprouts.

around 9:30pm my mother called me, said she wanted to change the seats on her flight. i told her it was a hassle (and not sure if it's even possible, or we might incur additional fees), but we could try tomorrow.

she then called me again at 11:30pm. said cheapoair had been sending her e-mails and even tried to call her today. apparently AA/japan airline changed her itinerary, and cheapoair wouldn't issue the tickets until she confirmed and accepted the new changes. i looked over the new itinerary, couldn't make any sense of it. her flight to taipei was boston-chicago-tokyo-taipei. the change was in her flight from tokyo to taipei. what didn't make sense was now the flight was 7 hours earlier, already leaving for taiwan before she even arrived in japan. i ended up calling AA first, but the wait time was over an hour. i left my number with the automated service and told them to call me back. i them called cheapoair. got transferred once, and nearly got transferred a second time before i told the agent to just cancel the booking and i'd book a new flight. i was afraid there might be some kind of cancellation fee, but since the tickets weren't even issued yet, no money had exchanged hands, so there was zero fees.