my parents asked me to look online for a new commercial coffee maker. my father looked over the old one, even with the water feed turned off, it still continues to leak water, which means the tank is leaking. the machine is already 30 years old, better just to buy a new one then pay to get it fixed. while shopping for a new coffee maker, i ended up learning a lot of new terminology. they come in two versions: pourover and automatic. pourover makers require adding water to make it work, while automatic have plumbing that continuously feed water to the maker. they also come with different numbers of of warmers, to keep different potted varieties (e.g. caffeinated, decaffeinated) of coffee warm. finally, because coffee makers can use a lot of electricity, they can in either 120v and/or 240v versions.

i found a bunn CWTF-DV-3 from the webstaurant store for $700. because it's a special order item, it'd take 10-15 business days before it can ship. what we didn't know was what kind of plug it came with, i didn't see that information anywhere. we needed a 240v plug, since that's what we currently have. before i could investigate any further, my sister called me, said she was going to costco and aldi and asked if i wanted to come along.

so we left around noontime, first to costco, where my sister was getting some snacks for her teacher friend so she could prepare a care package for her students. everyone wore masks except for 1-2 people. i bought a container of roasted chicken sandwich with salad for lunch. i also got a large bag of cheetos, been having a craving for months but they're hard to find due to supply chain issues. next we went to bianco and sons to get some chinese sausage. finally, we went to aldi's. once again, most people were masked except for a handful: a pair of noisy brazilian women chatting on the phone, and a guy who also happened to be shopping and chatting on the phone at the same time. i finally came by home 2:15pm.

i noticed the private way spot where i usually park when i have my motorcycle or car had a new sign that said no parking. hopefully this is a temporary development, those have always been public parking spots in all the time i've lived here. if those neighbors are going to be assholes and saying those are now private spots, there's going to be a lot of angry neighbors.

i only ate half of the chicken sandwich, saving the rest for later. in the early evening i finished the salad, and later in the evening i had the other half of the sandwich for dinner.

my father's order of 8x 100AH AKESHA brand LiFePo4 batteries ($270) from aliexpress seemed to have finally shipped. there's an expected delivery time between march 4th to march 25th. now we just have to wait a month to see if these are legit or not. while i was at it, i ordered 2 more mi band 6. i got scammed the first time, but i still have faith in aliexpress; i'm also better at navigating it's weird payment system, hopefully i won't get screwed a second time.

i started watching amazon prime's reacher after alex said it was "okay" when he's pretty critical of most series. it's pretty good, about a bad ass getting caught up in the criminal world of a small southern town.