the bowl holding the plastic mung beans colander in place is big enough that i could just pour water directly onto the beans without bothering to remove the bowl. that's what i did last time before i went to bed. the roots are much longer today (day 2), whiskers instead of stubbles.

as is my birthday tradition, i like to get some fried chicken. i recent years i've ordered bonchon wings, which are double fried. i ordered online, 8-pieces of soy garlic wings, 8-pieces of korean spicy wings, with a side of pickled radish and cole slaw. prices have gone up, they're now $12 a box and this is the lunch special price. the final cost was $25.57.

around 11:30am i biked down to harvard square to pick up my order. the building is currently undergoing renovations and i had to get to bonchon through the fire exit entrance, walking by construction guys welding with sparkles flying everywhere, it didn't seem very safe. i wonder if this'll mean bonchon will eventually get kicked out once the renovations are finished. i'm not sure what i'd do if that happened, although there's another bonchon in allston.

i ate when i got home. i alternated between spicy and soy garlic, as the spicy was very spicy. i washed it down with some lemonade. i only managed to eat half, saving the rest for dinner. i thought about dropping off the leftovers at the cafe, but i didn't think i had enough for everyone, so decided to save it all for myself.

i didn't go out the rest of the day, even though it was another unseasonably warm 50 degrees day. i thought about a trip to chinatown (like i did yesterday), but other than some tripe, there was nothing i really wanted or needed. besides, there's a good chance i'll be in chinatown sunday morning to watch the lion's dance, so if can get some groceries then. i finished watching icarus on netflix, about the russian sports doping scandal.

in the afternoon steve returned home after being gone for a few days. unlike the previous few times, he actually sent me an e-mail with his itinerary, after i didn't bother picking up their stack of morning newspapers on the front porch the last time they were gone without letting me know. paul won't be back until another week, but in the meantime steve is looking after paul's son's dog, which was a mysterious development. i actually saw the dog briefly through my window, just a small dog.

later my download of dream a little dream (1989) finished and i watched that. i'd seen it before, but remember nothing from it except the two coreys are in it as well as meredith salenger plus there's a michael jackson dance numnber performed by corey feldman in some empty gym bleachers. surprisingly, there were also some big name stars of yesteryears, like jason robards, piper laurie, and harry dean stanton. it's hard to watch the movie, knowing what happened to the coreys, with underage sex abuse allegations, and eventual suicide by corey haim. the movie itself is crap, terrible acting, horrible story, confusing editing, though some good music. it's your basic body transfer plot, where corey feldman and meredith salenger switch bodies with their old neighbors, who disappear altogether, their "spirits" inhabiting the body of the teens. the husband remembers who he is, but the wife doesn't, so he not only has to make her fall back in love with him, but also agree to do a ceremony where they regain their bodies. early on it's established the feldman is in love with meredith, who's actually the girlfriend of one of his friends (although right from the start we know the boyfriend is a bad guy), but feldman already seems to have a girlfriend himself, who one can argue is actually prettier than meredith (this girlfriend is doing his homework so he'll take her to prom, a very unlikely scenario).

i also did some research on revamping the cafe website. i just learned about responsive web design frameworks like w3.css and bootstrap. i've been out of the game for a while, it seems so much easier to pull together a quick and dirty website with these tools that actually looks very good and professional.

i finished the rest of the bonchon wings for dinner. i also made some banchan with the bean sprouts i grew (2nd generation). it was okay, but the bean heads themselves tasted a little soft, while the stems were still pretty crunchy.

tonight's winter olympics featured a live broadcast of mixed team snowboard cross. lindsey jacobellis - fresh from her gold a few days ago - paired up with nick baumgartner, who failed to medal in his event. it was amazing, nick managed to finish first in his race, and so did jacobellis. they were also probably the oldest winning team in the olympics - she at 36, he at 40. that means team USA gets another gold, and jacobellis going home with 2 gold herself.

when i watered the mung beans one last time in the evening, the roots were longer, but also the beans wrapped in cheesecloth were a lot thick as well. i was worried keeping the plate on top of the bean sprouts would prevent them from growing taller, but i saw a video where a woman kept the plate on the whole time and the beans - once they sprout - easily pushed up the plate like it was nothing.