because i went to sleep last night around 1:30am, i ended up waking early, 8:30am. i stayed in bed until the scheduled heating went on at 9am before i finally got out of bed. by that point my upstairs neighbors were gone, leaving for new york for a few days.

for lunch i ate the last of my chicken bake. it seemed too wet and raw outside so i didn't leave the house today, only to take out the trash later in the evening. i'll do a grocery run tomorrow.

in the afternoon i ended my 2nd round mung bean sprout experiment after day 6. all the beans sprouted, which is better than last time when only about half sprouted. this is all because i used fresher beans. but the beans didn't sprout fast enough, and were starting to turn brown. when the sprouts are small, it's hard to separate out the green shells. i did the best i could, but there's still plenty of shells mixed with the sprouts. the sprouts are edible though, i'll turn them into some banchan over the week.

i immediately started a third batch of mung beans. this time i'm using the heat mat. i loosely filled the bottom of the plastic colander, about a third of the package of dried mung beans i bought. i soaked them in a large bowl and placed it on my heating mat covered with an insulated fabric grocery bag.

i cooked up a frozen bag of edamame i had in the freezer for a snack. they were old, at least several years, and had a bit of freezer burn taste. the edamame themselves look a little dehydrated too. i'm get some fresh ones tomorrow.

then for dinner i boiled some meat tortellini along with a small pan of pasta sauce. i ate while watching the winter olympics coverage. tonight 3 US all-stars were all competing: chloe kim, shaun white, and mikaela shiffrin. both chloe and shaun advanced in their halfpipe qualifying round. shaun white just barely made it after fall in his first run; a girl was waving at him at the finish line, trying to get his attention. i had my suspicions which were later confirmed when they said it was eileen gu, who's apparently a shaun white fan girl.

mikaela was running the slalom - her favorite event - but like her last event, she slid off the course and was disqualified. she sat on the course for nearly half an hour, temporarily preventing the race from continuing, until the organizers just decided to ignore her and continue with the race anyway. she still has one more event, but after failing on her first two, i'm not hopeful she's going to be competitive in her last event.

i went to measure the temperature of the heat mat. aimed directly onto the mat, the temperature was 93 degrees. but the soaked beans themselves were at 77 degrees. the optimal growing temperature for mung beans is 70-80 degrees, so that's just right.