my father came to get me around 10am. all across town, people were digging out this morning, those who didn't do it yesterday. even my father didn't clear the snow until today, using the snowblower from the garage.

first thing i did when i got to belmont was send the drone into the air so i could inspect the solar panels on the roof. i noticed the red rain barrel by the corner of the sunroom had blown over. in the air, the south side of the roof was covered in snow except at the top corners. the north side of the roof barely had any snow on it due to the wind exposure.

i started clearing the solar panels by 11am. it first started with clearing the snow from the backyard steps and making room to prop up the ladder.

i cleared the snow from the eastern side of the roof before my father came out to help. the snow on the panels on the either side of the roof were easy to clean; it was the snow on the panels in the middle part of the roof that was difficult. we cleared as much as we could from just ladders and roof rakes, but eventually we had no choice but for me to climb onto the roof with a shovel to literally shovel the foot of snow that'd accumulated there.

2 hours later we were finally done clearing the snow from the solar panels. but i stayed out for another half hour, digging out the roof snow that'd dumped into the basement stairwell; if we don't clear that area, the snow could melt and get into the basement. once that was all done, i finally sent the drone into the air on last time for a final inspection. there were still clumps of snow on the panels, but they'd melt eventually (besides, we'd already put away all the equipment).

i finally had lunch around 1:45pm, some pan-seared radish cakes with thai chili sauce. they weren't that crispy to begin with, but after i complained, my father cooked them again to make them crispier.

you'd think the day after a major snowstorm birds would be flocking to the feeders, but there was hardly any birds today. a male cardinal tried to get some seeds but his beak didn't seem to be able to fit into the slot. i also saw a song sparrow.

spending 2-1/2 hours clearing snow from the solar panels would've probably been the highlight of the day, but my parents were also hosting a chinese new year dinner tonight. my sister brought my 2nd aunt and her godmother around 4pm, and my aunt and uncle arrived around 5pm.

my father made a braised pork hock dish with sweet dates. my sister made these beef korean pan-fried dumplings (even though we were already having traditional chinese dumplings). my mother made a 15-ingredient dish, never seen that before. my parents also fried up some jumbo shrimps in the air fryer. i made some bean sprouts banchan and korean rice cakes.

after dinner, my father gave my 2nd aunt and i a ride back to cambridge. my 2nd aunt brought back one of the unwanted zero gravity chairs we had in the basement. i was just happy to be home so i can rest my sore body after 2 days worth of hard labor.