temperature this morning was in the low 30's, much warmer than yesterday. the streets were coated in salty road dust, i could taste it in my mouth as i biked to belmont. my toothache from yesterday was pretty much gone. i had rolled up pancakes with pork floss, my sister showed up with hailey bringing some donuts.

peanuts i put out yesterday were all gone. i put out some more. later in the afternoon i saw a fat squirrel going to town on the peanuts. apparently there's no stop when it comes to eating, it ate all the peanuts before finally leaving. funny thing is there were also some sunflower seeds but it didn't bother with them. that's probably the same squirrel that's been engorging itself on the suet, before i installed the squirrel-proof feeder.

i knew there were 2 football games today: bills vs. chiefs and rams vs. buccaneers. i knew one was at 3pm, the other 6:30pm. when i saw a bills vs. chiefs game being broadcasted on youtube tv at 3pm, i started watching it. the chiefs were spanking the bills, it looked like what the bills did to the patriots last weekend. with the game nearly over and all but certain the chiefs were going to win, i surfed the channels and discovered the rams vs. buccaneers game was also happening at the same time. how could that be? i kept checking the schedule, it said the bills vs. chiefs game was at 6:30pm, but i'd been watching the game. so i stayed confused for a while, a little disappointed i didn't get to see the rams vs. buccaneers game, but it looked like the rams were going to win anyway, the score was 27-6 in the 4th quarter. but leave it to tom brady to mount a comeback, they managed to tie the game with about 30 seconds to go, but that was enough time for the los angeles to advance the ball close enough to the end zone to kick a field goal to tie. this was the 3rd game this weekend where not only the lower ranked team managed to win, but win in the final seconds with a field goal.

after the rams vs. buccaneers game was over, i switched channels. CBS seemed to be doing a post-game diagnosis of the bills vs. chiefs game, but the footage i was watching on television looked like they game hadn't even started yet. that's when i finally realized the bills-chiefs game i watched all afternoon was actually a rebroadcast of their game from last season. that's why it looked like there was hardly anyone at arrowhead stadium. it was so strange i searched google, "why arrowhead stadium empty" but didn't find any answers. i felt pretty stupid, but it meant there was more football to be had.

we made some more nachos today. my mother helped me cut the vegetables as i grated the cheese. we used jalapeño peppers this time, but my mother said they weren't spicy at all. we managed to finish the whole pan of nachos.

i left soon after dinner, around 6:30pm, so i could get home and watch the game. i had the game streaming on the youtube tv app on my phone, and i listened to it as a pedaled my way home. about 2/3rd of the way back, my phone suddenly shut down, the battery was dead. a combination of battery-intensive live video streaming combined with the cold weather managed to kill the battery even though when i left the house it was still at 65% capacity.

the bills-chiefs game was amazing, like a heavyweight fight between two equally matched opponents. bills would do something, the chiefs answered right back. it was that way throughout the entire game, both teams were unrelenting in their drive to victory. the final few minutes was amazing. just when you thought one team was definitely going to win, the other team answered right back, even though there seemed to be no time on the clock. buffalo seemed to be all but assured of a win when the scored a touchdown with just 13 seconds left on the clock. but mahomes managed to get them close enough to the end zone to not win the game but to tie and send it into overtime. kansas city won the coin toss, they scored a touchdown, josh allen didn't even get a chance to play in overtime. it was also the only game this weekend where the top ranked team managed to win, but barely.

after the game i took a shower and prepared for bed. i watered my mung beans when i first got home, and watered them again before i slept. tonight is day 3. they say sprouts can be ready in 5-6 days. at this pace i highly doubt i will get any edible sprouts by that time.