i had a typical breakfast lunch - soft scrambled eggs, year-old sauerkraut, and some kielbasa. if you asked me to make my default breakfast meal, that would be it.

supposedly it was suppose to snow overnight, but apparently it was too warm and everything came down as rain. by the afternoon though, the sun had come out. temperature was 37°F which ought to be warm, but it was surprisingly cold, as the temperature continued to drop, hitting the teens by later tonight.

i went out to run errands. first stop was walgreens, to pick up my prescriptions. i somehow managed to get a papercut on the webbing between two fingers. i tried to hide my bloody hand while paying for some cayenne-flavored almonds and peppermint/wintergreen altoids. next i went to the porter square star market to look for boneless chicken thighs. they had none, i left with 2 bags of navel oranges instead.

later in the afternoon i had a craving for cheetos so i went to the nearby star market to get some. while i was there, i checked their meat department and was surprised to find boneless chicken thighs. i bought two packages. in the chip aisle i was going to grab the cheetoes when i realized it was actually cheetos-flavored popcorn, not actual cheetos. i heard there's a global cheetos shortage, i'll need to redirect my cravings to something else.

i ended up snacking on some pretzels while watching the latest episode of peacemaker. i've been pretty good about avoiding junk food but i finally broke my streak. i need to get some healthier junk food - like baby carrots or popcorn. on one of these warm nights i should make some popcorn again (warm because i need to ventilate the house afterwards from all the popcorn smell).

for dinner i heated up another container of meat lover's zoodles. i'm getting used to these partially vegetarian frozen dinners of 300-400 calories.

later in the evening i finally took my soaked mung beans and put them in the steam pot with a layer of old cheesecloth. i'd soaked the cheesecloth in boiling water a few times to sterilize it. i put the steam pot in the warm guest bedroom, covered by an insulated shopping bag to keep the beans in the dark. hopefully in 5 days i'll have some mung bean sprouts to eat.