temperature reached the upper 40's today, felt downright summery. this is just the calm before the storm though, temperature's going to drop again friday night, even colder than on tuesday.

i made my signature everything bagel sandwich with pan-seared smoked christmas ham, avocado, egg, sriracha sauce, and everything bagel seasoning. a sandwich so hearty, it's like having 2 meals. i washed it down with a hot glass of matcha latte using the new dissolve powder in hot water first method.

i went out just once today, across the street to get a few more avocados (98¢). they put in some new self-serve checkout stations, something i didn't see yesterday. they've had self-serve at the porter square star market for years.

i did a tiny bit of clean-up today, procrastinating from having to do a water change in my aquarium. i put my motorcycle saddlebags away, and folded up the motorcycle cover and put it in the closet. i also moved some old jackets that i never wear from the entrance closet to the guest bedroom closet.

i called xfinity/comcast to lower the internet price at my sister's place. she's currently paying $80/month, i lowered it to $60/month, no-contract discount, for a period of 1-year before it goes back up to $80 again. there was also a $50/month 2-year 200Mbps plan, but after 2 years, the price jumps up to $100/month.

i heated up a box of life cuisine zoodles bowl. it took me a long time to realize zoodles are actually zucchini noodles. that's why it was advertised as low carb lifestyle food, zero starch, a lot of proteins. the serving was tiny, just a bowl of zucchini, assortment of ground meat, and some cheese and sauce. zoodles might look like noodles but they don't taste like noodles, and when cooked, they sort of just dissolve. i probably could've ate the whole thing in less than a minute, at just 330 calories. i immediately felt hungry afterwards, but held off on eating something else.