yesterday's sun didn't last long, today it went right back to being cloudy and rainy. at one point in the late morning it got so dark it felt like sunset. at least it was warm though, temperature reaching the 50's.

for lunch i made an english muffin sandwich: multi-grain toasted english muffin, pesto, egg, virginia smoked ham, provolone cheese. it was okay, but next time i'm going to skip the pesto and go with sriracha instead, i like a little spice with my sandwich. i used an old egg, which i marked yesterday so it wouldn't get mixed up with the fresh eggs.

i only went out briefly, to bring in the empty trash cans then walk down to the nearby walgreens because i got an automated message saying my prescriptions were ready. i stopped by the liquor store to buy a powerball ticket, the jackpot currently at $630 million. i noticed the guy at the store had taped up his thumb with clear packaging tape. when i asked about it, he said it's because he has a cut on his hand, and whenever he goes to wash his hands (which is every 5th customer), it hurts, so he taped it up temporarily. he said he didn't like wearing gloves, so he's using packaging tape in the meantime, until his cut heals. anyway, when i got down to walgreens, they said i didn't have any prescriptions, that it was a false alarm. i wasn't mad, at least it gave me an excuse to get out of the house.

i made a chicken caesar salad for dinner. the chicken breasts (coated in olive oil and sprinkled with kosher salt and fresh ground pepper) took a while to cook in the pan because they were too thick, next time i should flatten them a bit with the meat tenderizer before grilling. i grilled both pieces of chicken so i wouldn't have to do it again tomorrow. the salad also contained romaine lettuce, slice radishes, a few pieces of anchovies, shredded parmesan cheese, and garlic croutons. i used ken's caesar chicken salad dressing. it was pretty good, and i never feel guilty about eating a salad. the anchovies gave it a surprise salty kick. i ate while watching hard knocks on HBO, the episode where the colts get ready for the patriots.

i helped my mother order a few things on amazon: replacement straps for the xiaomi mi band (8 for $10) and a 12 oz. zojirushi stainless mug ($29). the mug was cheaper over the weekend but my mother was still deciding whether she wanted it or not. i think 12 oz. is too small, but her current insulated mug only holds 7 oz. so this is actually a capacity upgrade.