i slept well last night. newly washed sheets felt like sleeping in a hotel bed. maybe i should wash them more often than once per season!

i made an omelette for lunch today, consisting of eggs, ham, salsa, and cheese. i made the mistake of using a mini frying pan, so the omelette was a bit small in diameter and i had a hard time packing in the fillings, so naturally they all spilled out. i know there are lots of varieties when it comes to omelettes, but i always seem to stick with my usual ingredients, i'd like to try something different one of these days, elevate my omelette game.

i contacted costco customer support today. the defective gopro camera i returned weeks ago for a replacement, they received it but it still says the refund status is "in progress". i used the live chat instead of calling, after a lengthy exchange, the agent told me not to worry about it, that they'd already received the camera, and that's all that matters, i wouldn't be charged once the 30 day grace period for return runs out. i still have not doubts, but i made a copy of the chat transcript in case i ever need to contest it.

i caulked the base of my bathroom sink faucet assembly with silicone today. i thought it'd be an easy job of simply loosening the faucet, but i couldn't get enough clearance, so it ended up becoming a more elaborate fix, requiring going down to the basement and turning off the cold and hot water supply so i could disconnect the hoses and take off the faucet assembly completely. while i was at it, i also put in a new washer in the hot water shutoff valve, it's only a patch, and one of these days i'd like to replace the valve completely as it's pretty corroded on the inside. after i applied the silicone and put everything back together, i discovered there's still a gap underneath the faucet base. the whole reason why i caulked in the first place is so that when there's water on the sink, it won't dribble down to the floor from the supply lines. in the end, i don't know if my caulking did any good.

once the plumbing was done, i went out to run some errands. i was back at the dollar store, picking up a pizza cutter for my mother, and grabbing some more peppercorns. i don't know if it's cheaper or not, but a $1 for a 2oz. container seems like a good bargain to me. i stopped briefly outside the chow n joy asian fusion restaurant to look at their menus. they have fancy animated LCD menus, it's my first time seeing them in a place other than at a mcdonald's or burger king.

back at the house i did a quick aquarium water change. i removed as much hair algae as i could before siphoning out a bucket's worth of dirty fish tank water, then adding a new bucket of fresh temperature-adjusted chloramine-neutralized water.

for dinner i didn't eat my leftover pizza from yesterday but instead made a bowl of luxury korean ramen, because i wanted to use up the gosari. i only ended up using half, so i still need to find a way to use them somehow. i didn't have any garlic in the house so i stopped the stove and quickly ran to star market to get some garlic (99¢ for a bulb). there was also a sale on navel oranges, i got 5 large ones so i can juice some OJ for my mother tomorrow. if the weather's nice i might go down to haymarket on friday to see what they have in terms of citrus.