i shot a timewarp video mounted to my bicycle handlebar as i made my way to my parents' place in the late morning. there really wasn't much to see, i want to try mounting it onto my helmet one of these days, but i'm afraid it might fall off. weatherwise, it was in the upper 30's, grey clouds but here and there intermittent peaks of some sun and blue sky.

my sister was at my parents' place already, i think she was delivering some scones. i ate the remaining amount of leftover yukgaejang along with some homemade garlic bread. i helped my father upload the latest set of cafe expenses data into our sheet; i had to type it in because the new bank only had hard copies when they transferred all their records from the old bank. we thought they might be a 10-15 day gap, but we had all the info we needed, just had to input a few manually and clean up the csv data file i downloaded from the bank's website.

the bills-patriots game started at 1pm. buffalo seemed to be the more aggressive team, going for it on 4th downs, not letting up. the score was 17-7 at halftime. in the 3rd quarter the patriots started to get some traction, with the score now at 20-14, a touchdown away from taking the lead. but some bad breaks in the 4th quarter saw buffalo score 2 touchdowns and the point differential was too much for new england to overcome. ever since the bye week, ever since it started to get cold, patriots haven't been doing well, this now our 2nd consecutive loss. we can still make the playoffs, just need to win our our final two remaining games, jaguars and dolphins. likewise with the bills, if they lose one of their last two games, new england still has a chance to win the AFC east. i'm not surprised buffalo won, it's what all the pundits predicted at the start of the season. everything as it should be.

i went out into the backyard during halftime to check on the daikons. both daikons and mustards were still surviving, even the ones out in the open exposed to the elements. the daikons underneath the row cover are bigger and leafier, but they also have green caterpillars eating the foliage. i'll need to examine them all tomorrow and pick off the pests.

my mother prepared the chicken gizzards for dinner (i bought them from market basket a few days ago). she actually cooked them yesterday but we were already having pasta salad and manicotti so we ended up having them today.

after dinner i borrowed the camry and drove back to cambridge; i'm visiting eliza tomorrow morning, driving down to westwood. along with theo (her 13-year old son), we're going to revisit ponkapoag bog in the wintertime (having already been there back in july). i've done it before, 17 years ago, on a day when it was even colder (20's) than what it'll be tomorrow (30's). i don't know what to expect, i hope it's not flooded like last night. i also hope the planks aren't super slippery from icing and nobody falls into the bog.