i went to bed last night with the sleep app activated, hoping to see if i've been snoring with the nasal dilator. i was so happy when i saw there was no audio recording, until i realized i forgot to turn the audio recording function on. doh! i'll try again tonight.

the temperature was warm again today - breaking the 60° mark - but it was so gloomy. it was a little wet, as it'd had rained overnight. i thought about going out and doing some drone flying, but ended up never setting foot outside.

after a bagel sandwich for lunch, i did the only constructive thing today - i caulked my bathroom window with clear silicone. the vinyl window is getting old and there are gaps now where the draft can get in. hopefully this can prolong the life of the window until the day i'll need to replace them in the near future.

arris sent me e-mail today, said they received the broken cablemodem and have sent out a replacement. i also checked with costco, the gopro i sent back to them for replacement arrived yesterday. they haven't contacted me yet with a notice of refund, but at least it got there. speaking of packages, the present alex sent me from tokyo still hasn't arrived yet. i'll need to go down to the porter square post office and ask about it.

i made some luxury korean ramen for dinner along with some smashed cucumber salad. i ate while watching the thursday night game between the chiefs and chargers. i was hoping for kansas city to lose, since it'd make one fewer team vying for the number one seed in the AFC, but los angeles played terribly despite having multiple opportunities to win, and the chiefs ended up winning in overtime.