i woke up at 8:30am to use the bathroom. the heat in the house wasn't even on yet as i sat down on the cold toilet seat. the weather was grey and rainy outside. i squeeze some navel oranges to make some juice. i used 7 because these weren't very large. they had no fragrance to them and when i tasted the juice, it wasn't that sweet. these are early season crops, still a little immature. the oranges that arrive on the market in a few more weeks will be a lot sweeter and more fragrant. i almost wanted to abort the squeeze, but i already had the oranges sliced, so might as well use them up.

my father showed up around 9:30am to give me a ride to belmont, after picking up hailey from my sister's place. i had my old action camera attached to the clamp mount mounted to the underside of the rearview mirror to take a 1sec interval time lapse video.

i had meatbuns for lunch (although technically breakfast since it was still morning). afterwards i set up my father's new used macbook pro. he'd been using it all this past week, said it was much faster than his old computer, more responsive, and the retina display a lot clearer. i created a new admin user and erased the profile of the previous user, who had a rather unusual user photo. was he really a priest? are we using a priest's former computer? i also installed some software, a paywall bypass plug-in, pulltube so he can download youtube videos, and a tik tok and messaging app. i was going to manually transfer his mail from the old 2012 MBP to this 2015 MBP, but decided to leave everything as-is and just set up new accounts. i figured if there was any mail that was important, he could always retrieve it from the old laptop, which no one will be using.

my replacement gopro hero9 arrived yesterday. i carefully removed it from the box and began setting it up. i first paired the gopro to my phone. i then upgraded the firmware, before charging the battery to full. i inspected the LCD screen, no dead pixels like in the one i returned on thursday.

i got my mother to watch only murders in the building. she recognized steve martin and martin short, but thought selena gomez wasn't right for the part. even though she told me she didn't like it, she kept watching it anyway, will probably finish the entire season by tonight.

i went down to the basement to inspect the grow room. i could smell the osmanthus flowers before i even came down the stairs. i was surprised to see a pile of fallen osmanthus leaves. later my father told me that the bigger leaves are from the home depot osmanthus, and those he pruned off himself because they were insect damaged. the fudingzhu osmanthus continues to shed leaves, but new leaf buds are emerging, so hopefully new leaves can replace them. i sprayed neem oil on the jade plant (forgot to do it last week, its known to have a mealybug issue) and i also sprayed one of the jasmine cuttings after discovering some mealybugs. my father showed me the cactuses have started to get some aphids, we'll either spray with insecticidal soap, or i may try dusting the tips with diatomaceous earth powder.

before i went back upstairs i noticed our marine battery was done to just 8V. a battery that dips below even 11V can get damaged, so we decided to manually top off the battery with the desulfating trickle charger. it took just a few minutes but the voltage jumped back up to 12V. it means the battery can't hold a charge anymore that it can "fully" charge in that short amount of time.

i was expecting the weather to be in the 60's today but even by 2pm the temperature had only gone up from the upper 30's into the mid 40's. earlier it'd been rainy and foggy. it didn't take long for the temperature to jump though, and later in the afternoon we were actually in the 60's, as promised. it felt colder inside in the house than outside, while this morning it was the complete opposite.

my parents made some chinese dumplings, which i thought was for dinner, but turns out it was just a snack.

dinner came in the form of shacha beef stirfry and pan-fried fish (wasn't salty enough so i only had a bite).

my father gave me a ride back to cambridge. i clamped the gopro to the rearview mirror to take a timewarp video. we stopped briefly at the cafe because my father forgot to turn off the air purifier on friday.

even though the two travel videos i took today are different, i can still compare them. the daytime 1sec interval 1080p time lapse was 23 seconds long and 59MB. the nighttime timewarp 4K was 54 seconds long and 675MB. unless it's something really cool, i can probably stand to shoot in 1080p, or 2.7K.

i charged the other gopro battery and the gopro did that weird thing the previous gopro did as well, that it'd automatically turn itself on. i wonder why that is? some people say a factory reset will solve the problem. it's weird that it happened on both gopros.