i went to the cafe this morning to take some photos of the holiday decorations before leaving for belmont. i put the gopro on the chest mount to shoot a timewarp video. learning from yesterday's mistake, i decide to shoot with the lens set to super (wide) view instead of linear + horizon leveling. i learned that in timelapse mode, you can't access superview, just wide view. it kind of doesn't make sense, because timelapse is one of the times where a super wide view would be really useful. i don't even need stabilization since most time lapses are stationary anyway.

unfortunately i had the camera tilted too forward on my chest mount, and the only thing i managed to capture was the motorcycle fuel tank and the road passing below me. lesson learned here: tilted the camera up higher!

all the neighbors (except the next door neighbors with the 3 kids) have winterized their lawn by raking their leaves and mowing their grass. we did our cleanup last weekend (including fertilizing), yet somehow leaves still managed to get on the lawn despite not having any sidewalk trees. so i wheeled the lawnmower out of the garage and mulched over the leaves to pulverize them. this was another opportunity to use the gopro with the chest mount. the footage was like watching a really boring FPV game where the objective is to mow the lawn. that timewarp video was also shot in wide view.

other than mowing the lawn, i spent the rest of the day indoors, on my computer with the football games on in the background. for lunch i had a bowl of instant tonkotsu ramen, drink several glasses of black tea. when evening rolled around, i grabbed my gopro on the clamp mount and put it outside to take a timelapse of the sunset. i couldn't find anything to clamp it on, so i ended up using the handle of a shovel as a makeshift tripod.

the default timelapse interval is 0.5 seconds, but i set it to 1 seconds, which was still too slow, barely faster than just watching the clouds go by. i also even some twilight timewarp videos by walking around in the backyard. i was really impressed with the low-light capability, it managed to capture that dusky twilight color just as good as my pixel phone in night mode or my dSLR. my old action cam would've just registered everything as dark.

my parents were at the cafe the whole day. they made the most they ever made in a single day this year. by days end there was 60 transactions, a non-stop stream of customers. i'd occasionally see what was happening via the webcam, or check out how much they made so far in the checkout app. they finally closed by 6:30pm. too tired to cook, they called to let me know they were picking up some burger takeout on their way back from dropping off my 2nd aunt.

both my father and i got the ch'king sandwich, while my mother went with a whopper.

the temperature had dropped into the lower 30's by the time i was returning home. i didn't bring my handlebar mitts so my hands would be pretty cold. i strapped the gopro to the chest mount and took a timewarp video: 4K, wide, mounted high on my chest above my backpack chest strap. with a wider field of view compared to linear + horizon leveling, the video was much brighter than yesterday and i could see more. i had it framed perfectly, the top of my windshield just below the top of the video. the edges of the windshield changes color depending on the lights, i thought that was a cool look. it'd be nice to just ride through the city at night, taking scenic timewarp videos from the motorcycle. it felt like my first gopro-worthy video moment.

there was football games today! tom brady won again; steelers survive to play another day, their playoff hopes still alive; baltimore lost to pittsburgh, making the patriots the number 1 seed in the AFC by doing nothing, at least until tomorrow's game against the bills; and the chiefs beat the broncos on sunday night football. oh, and the detroit lions finally won their first game of the season, it's been exactly a year since their last victory.