ever since thanksgiving i ate at my parents' place, so i've had home-cooked meals for the past 5 days. now back at home, it was weird trying to figure out what to make for lunch and dinner. i looked in my fridge to see what i can could get rid of. i still had a bag of frozen meatballs, so in the afternoon i decided to bike to market basket to get sub bread and provolone cheese for making some meatball subs. i stopped at walgreens beforehand, to pick up my thiazide prescription. i noticed there was a sign that said they no longer did walk-in vaccinations, even for flu shots.

i only had a matcha latte for lunch, so i picked up a greek salad. when i got back home i mixed a jar of homemade dressing (olive oil, red wine vinegar, minced garlic, dijon mustard, salt, crushed pepper, dried oregano, lemon juice) and drizzled it over my salad.

even though we already bought a used macbook pro, i'm still following a few MBP auctions on ebay. one that i'd been following for the past 3 days - a 2015 15" retina macbook pro 16/500GB with a new battery - ended up selling for $570 plus another $35 for shipping. it makes me a little suspicious if the 2014 MBP we bought off of mercari is legit or not, for only $400 with free shipping. i noticed there were some photo discrepancies where it showed a different 2015 model than the one being sold. i guess i'll find out when it arrives.

last day of the month and november 2021 turned out to be a very good month for solar production. we generated 697kWh of electricity, which is the most we've generated in the 5 winter months of october, november, december, january and february. unfortunately we had a rainy summer so we're running 5% lower than last year. hopefully december turns out to be a sunny month as well.

for dinner i made a meatball sub. there was nothing good on tv, so i bounced around from youtube tv to netflix to finally a movie on my laptop (the last duel).

i was going to throw out the trash when i realized i didn't have very much since i haven't been home much this past week. i just tossed out some recyclables, going to get rid of the trash next week.