i got ready this morning to ride down to boston for my 9:30am MGH fibroscan appointment followed by my 10am gastroenterologist appointment. i never noticed before, but there are two different bulbs in my alleyway motion-sensor spotlight, and i don't remember putting in the round bulb. i made a note of it to investigate when i get back. i left by 9am.

entering MGH, i sanitized my hands and got a new face mask, before heading upstairs to wang 5 for my appointment. after a few minutes in the waiting area, i was brought into an exam room for a fibroscan. i thought it was going to be like an ultrasound, but i'd never that machine before. no gel was needed, just a probe pressed against my stomach near my liver and a few thumps. it took just a few minutes, i was brought back out to the waiting room.

when they called me a second time, i was placed in a new exam room. a young student doctor came in to talk to me and explain my fibroscan results. turns out fibroscan is a proprietary system that can image the amount of fat in the liver. in the past the only way to tell was to do an invasive biopsy. it's pretty fancy technology but they've been using it for the past 10 years. afterwards the student doctor left and came back again with my regular gastroenterologist, who basically said the same thing. my liver was healthy, nothing to worry about, come back in another year.

i was done by 10:30am. following tremont treet, i cut through park street towards chinatown, destination ming's market. i bought so much stuff, i didn't have to go to c-mart afterwards.

i could've gone home, but since i was already in the city, i stopped by haymarket to see what they had. i was in search of thick stemmed scallions, something they didn't have at ming's market, and likewise at haymarket. i biked home, getting back by 12:30pm.

after unloading the supplies, i went to market basket in search of scallions. they were also of the thin variety, i'll wait until next week before getting them, maybe better supplies will arrive, or look elsewhere like trader joe's.

i stopped by star market for some snacks before finally coming home.

since i hadn't eaten yet, i bought an italian coldcut sub from market basket. i was ready to eat the whole thing but only ate half, saving the rest for dinner. i washed it down with some chocolate milk.

my new replacement fridge light arrived today. installation was easy, i removed the clear housing, unscrewed the old light, put in the new one. the old bulb was built to industrial specification, it was heavy and of a design i'd never seen before in normal bulbs. the change with the new bulb is subtle, but now it has a better color (warm instead of cool) and slightly brighter.

the 1-year anniversary of my dji mini 2 drone is almost here. dji sent me an e-mail this morning asking if i wanted to extend my dji care refresh+ coverage for 1 more year. it wasn't something they advertised, but i figured they might be doing that, especially for existing customers who never made a claim for a replacement drone. care refresh+ will basically replace the drone twice during the coverage period. within the past year i've flown the drone for 18 hours, logging 76 miles for a total of 191 flights. i've crashed it into trees and broken props, and i wouldn't say i'm a good pilot, but i have learned from my rookie mistakes. still, having the coverage is good insurance, and at $39 it's not too bad, so naturally i signed up for it again.

for dinner i ate the rest of the italian sub.